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#32 - Career Path II

by Steve Carlson, on Oct 19, 2017 2:32:39 PM

Motivating Talent!

Yesterday we looked at the value of the Career Path report in retaining talent in your organization. Today, we will show you the subtle enhancement we made to this report to help you guide those valuable employees along their career path. The last page of the report provides you with the Motivators Worksheet for that individual.

You can use this worksheet in a couple of different ways. First, you can help them consider to what level the position(s) they are seeking can fulfill the motivators they select on this page. If the position they think they are interested in does not provide the motivators they want, they may consider revising their choices.

After you discuss the different positions the employee is aiming at, you can assist the employee as they consider what they should do for themselves along the way to stay motivated as they reach the career goals they set. See how to generate one of these reports in the How-to Library!

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