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Our Mission and Philosophy

There are a multitude of facets that make PDP unique. From our philosophy of teaching individuals within the organization to become in-house experts in applying PDP’s management processes to our sound research that provides extremely accurate human metrics and descriptions, PDP offers a system that is unparalleled.

From the beginning, our founder envisioned:

Creating a people management system designed for and used by business organizations—its executives, owners and managers.

Researching the working, adult population—for they are the next Top Performer within your organization.

Delivering results quickly, reliably, and as accurately as possible.

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Our Mission

Advancing organizational success and personal achievements through an Integrated Management System of precise measurements, people development applications, and customer-oriented services.

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Our Philosophy

Quick, Accurate and Reliable

PDP is different. Our foundation is grounded in:

  • Conducting exceptional research with leading behavioral scientists and industry leaders
  • Reporting the manifestation of behavior in straight-forward, jargon-free written descriptions
  • Packaging the measurements and reporting into a system for businesses to access and use

By the Numbers

The PDP system is unparalleled in accuracy, practicality, fairness, and value.

Over 5,000,000 surveys completed to date

Individuals all over the world, in all types of positions and stages of life, have completed PDP's ProScan Survey.

Coefficients between .80 and .94 for all factors 

A tough requirement, but one that has proven to be invaluable in providing organizations and individuals with predictable, accurate results.

98% of people surveyed since 1977 agree with their survey results

An incredible feat, but one we never tire from hearing. It is rewarding when people tell us their results are "spot-on".


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PDP is proactive in maintaining its simplicity and accuracy. Our continual improvement process insures that PDP's behavioral assessments and resultant reporting maintains it's high level of accuracy.

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Meet the Team

It takes a passionate and committed team. We are driven to deliver excellence in all that we do.

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Organizations and individuals receive tremendous impact and positive results from using and applying PDP's proven people management system. We would love to hear your story!

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