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PDP's evidence-based and continual improvement research ensures the highest degree of accuracy and predictability, bar none.

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Stringent Research Standards

Since the beginning, stringent research standards have been used so all PDP system results are as accurate as they can be.

  • Research was based on statistical analysis, not proving a theory.
  • Survey instruments were researched and developed by credentialed professionals, research experts, behavioral scientists, and experienced leaders in business and industry.
  • Survey instruments were designed to elicit an individual's most natural and unbiased response 
  • While the industry standard for correlating coefficients is only 60%, PDP's standard is a minimum of 80%.
  • A variable norm algorithm accurately determines an individual's strengths in comparison to other strengths rather than to population norms.
  • Initial research sample consisted only of working adults—not students.

These standards ensure a comprehensive, predictable and accurate assessment system to place employees, help team members work together, and empower managers. The result is a top notch solution of helping businesses understand their people and be more successful.

Current Research Studies

Committed to Continuous Improvement

ProScan Confirmatory Factor Analysis (2021)

A long-term study was conducted to test the psychometric properties of the ProScan Survey, including the testing of new words due to language evolution and change over time, to determine if even greater accuracy could be achieved.

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Psychometric and Statistical Evolution of ProScan (2019)

ProScan Survey Development and Psychometric Assessment. Assessing psychometric properties at various time points throughout the years during its utilization.

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ProScan Traits Based on Job Positions (2019)

Identifying macro trends or associations between the five trait distributions (Dominance, Extroversion, Pace, Conformity, Logic) and specific job titles.

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Additional Research Studies & Information


Monograph No. 10

The ProScan Survey was developed from a sound theoretical base, a carefully selected normative sample, and appropriate statistical procedures. Monograph No. 10 describes work performed on the standardization of the ProScan Survey. Evidence from initial experiments showed high coefficients of reliability and validity.

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Post Normative:

The Post Normative Study was designed to document certain practical effects of the structural integrity of the ProScan Survey. The plan called for analyses of responses to the ProScan Survey obtained on two groups of adults who were thought to differ significantly on one or more behavioral traits. This was a deliberate attempt to stretch the instrument, to determine if the set of terms that predict a given behavioral trait is the same when the group means are at opposite ends of the scale.

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A series of analyses were performed to investigate the predictive validity and disparate impact of the PDP ProScan and JobScan.

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Disparate Impact

A study to assess the potential disparate impact of Professional DynaMetric Programs ProScan behavioral assessment device used for employment selection. Disparate impact occurs when members of one applicant group have a greater opportunity for employment than members of another applicant group.

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Psychology Department Chair

Professor and chair of University of Colorado at Denver expresses praise for PDP's high standards of research methodology.

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Attorney at Law

PDP compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

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Start-up of PDP

A historic video of the founder, Bruce M. Hubby, describing the research with Dr. Samuel Houston on what later became the ProScan Survey.

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Simplified Chinese ProScan Survey Analysis and Summary

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Labor Law Attorney

California labor and employment law attorney acknowledges PDP's commitment to addressing legal concerns associated with pre-employment testing.

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PDP's Research Compliance and Certification Standards


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American Psychological Association

Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Americans with Disabilities Act

PDP Global is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.



Real-world Proof

98% of individuals surveyed since 1977 agree in field testing that their ProScan results are accurate.

"Wow...this PDP ProScan Report was a reality check and very much accurate."
"I was amazed at how dead on it described me." 
"Nailed it!"
"Every time I go against what the ProScan says, I'm wrong."


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