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PDPworks Assessment Integrations

Seamless integration = Time saved

Easily Integrate PDP Into Your Processes

We offer several options for surveying individuals ranging from single administration, to group administrations, and APIs to automate attaching PDFs to your ATS or proprietary database.

Survey Invitations

Send a personalized email invitation to an individual to take a survey. As the survey is completed, pre-selected reports will generate and email to individuals. Available for ProScan Surveys, Applicant ProScans and Job Dynamics Analysis (JDA) Surveys.

Custom Survey Links

Create custom survey links and place the URL on a website or to use in emails to large groups. As surveys are completed, reports will generate and email to individuals based on link settings. Available survey links:

  • ProScan survey link—great for surveying and generating reports for weekend retreats, department meetings and team sessions.
  • Applicant survey link—simplifies recruiting by matching applicant to a pre-selected job model and can include interviewing guide.


Automatically attach PDF reports to your organization's applicant tracking system (ATS) or internal database with the use of the PDP Client APIs. As surveys are completed, PDPworks notifies your system that a survey is completed with the URL to pull the PDF into your database.

See API documentation for details.

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