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What Makes Us TICK?

The way others want to be managed may be very different from the way you want to be managed.

Manager's New Best Friend

The ProScan QuickView Report provides a strategic slice of PDP metrics on a single, easy-to-use page to quickly understand and motivate employees.

The Improving Management Results with QuickView workshop is targeted training that prepares managers to immediately use the QuickView Report to manage their employees more effectively

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Understanding what makes people TICK

T   Traits — The four cornerstone traits plus Logic and Energy Resources

I    Interests — Likes & Dislikes

C   Communication Style — how to communicate so individuals hear your message

K   Key Action Tips — targeted management tips

two people understanding what makes people tick

Useful and Effective Management Skills

Repeatable Process

Managers participate in the ProScan QuickView Training PowerApp using their own QuickView Reports.

A final practice session using a different individual’s QuickView wraps up the session so managers are comfortable using the report and managing better immediately.

This workshop utilizes the PDP ProScan QuickView report and is also available as an online eLearning course. Facilitation typically requires 3 hours broken up into two sessions.



Understand what makes people TICK