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Precision Hiring

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Attract and hire the best, the first time.


Ready, Aim, Hire

Take the risk out of hiring with objective behavioral benchmarking and applicant matching solution. JobScan provides a systematic approach to customizing your screening and selection process.

Don't use generic industry or stereotypical benchmarks that your competitor uses; customize your benchmarks to accurately identify what is best for your organization’s ultimate success.

Your organization operates best when the right people are in the right positions and are doing the right things.

Attract the right applicants with the right traits and skills, and increase your hiring success while decreasing turnover and increasing job satisfaction.

How it works

JobScan process - Attract and Hire the Best - Precision Hiring


  • Complete PDP certification for valuable knowledge to launch the implementation of JobScan in-house
  • Create position benchmarks to identify the soft-skill behaviors required for successful performance
  • Attract quality applicants using JobScan's powerful advertising checklist
  • Recruit and survey applicants (integrate with hiring job board, send survey invitations or administer in person)  
  • Match applicants to open positions 
    • Use the hiring template to see how applicants match and what areas there are gaps to manage if hired
    • Review the job match % score and information as to how applicant compares to job
  • Conduct structured interviews using the behavioral interviewing guide with job related questions
  • Make offer and hire the best

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