Hiring Manager Certification

Stop the revolving door of turnover. 

Don't replace your current hiring standards; add PDP's JobScan to identify top performer behaviors and match applicant soft skills to your open positions.

About the Hiring Manager Certification

PDP's Hiring Manager Certification kickstarts recruiting coordinators, talent acquisition recruiters, hiring managers and human resource assistants with the knowledge and understanding of PDP's JobScan screening and selection system.

Certification is achieved online through PDP's eCampus education platform. Simply reach out to your in-house PDP certified key contact to have them trigger your Welcome to PDPworks email with access to PDPworks and a comprehensive 1 hour 45 minute online course that covers the essentials a hiring manager would do including:

  • How PDP behavioral traits and energy measures connect to Job Models and applicant matching
  • How to send Applicant ProScan Survey invitations and manually enter a survey
  • How to create each of the reports and find ones previously created in PDPworks.com
  • How to read and interpret the three JobScan applicant reports:
    • Applicant Matching report
    • Candidate Interview report
    • Career Path
  • Bonus: Personal overview of ProScan using the STRENGTHS PowerApp eLearning

Requirement:  75% passing score for online course

Objectives for mentors:

  • Develop the capabilities of individuals
  • Increase mentor skills
  • Identify motivational factors
  • Track an action plan for each individual
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce stress and conflict


  • Live Sessions—On-site at your organization for groups of five (5) or more
  • Online @ PDP eCampus
    • Requirement:  80% score passing score

The individualized mentoring sessions work in a variety of environments including: work, education, training, non-profit, counseling, and life coaching.

Mentoring is not a one-time event, but a process to connect with individuals to develop them into future leaders.

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