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a man unleashing his inner strength

Unleashing Inner Strength

Greater effectiveness through self-awareness

Gain Greater Effectiveness Through Self-Awareness

Get ready for some fun learning because the Understanding Personal Strengths PowerApp is a course designed for someone special—YOU!

Every one of us has a unique make-up and natural way of operating in life—from home, to work, to socializing. Your unique wiring is what creates the one-of-a-kind you and gives you your individuality.

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Fun and Valuable Learning

Understanding Personal Strengths workshops instill participants with an appreciation of their own cornerstone behavioral traits, decision-making styles, and energy measures, as well as the traits and styles of others.

This course follows your ProScan Personal Strengths QuickView Report and guides participants through learning and exploring the nuances of their strengths and what makes them TICK, including how they like to process decisions, approach and accomplish projects, work with people, manage groups, observe details, and pace themselves.

Key behavioral aspects include Cornerstone Behavioral Traits, Trait Pairs, Decision-making Style, Energy Style and Energy Level, and Likes & Dislikes, Communication Style and Key Self-Coaching Tips.

Link between self-awareness and action planning

Action Plans for a Better Life

As with anything, the more knowledge received about a topic, the more understanding participants have of how to apply and utilize the new information.

Participants have the opportunity to set an action plan to best apply their newfound understanding of strengths, making their life better.

Available only as online, self-paced eLearning.

a PDP user creating an action plan

Take the next steps towards unleashing your strengths