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Attracting and Hiring the Best—the First Time

If hiring were that simple, every organization would already be doing it well.

99% of Hiring Failures are Due to Mismatched Soft Skills

Attracting and Hiring the Best workshops provide the elements of successful hiring through facilitation of the JobScan Job Modeling process.

Each participant will gain an understanding of how to create effective advertisements, match applicants to jobs, and interview candidates.

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AIM for the Best Hires

A    Attract the most qualified applicants

I     Interview to understand applicant strengths

M   Make the best decision

Recruiter interviewing a job candidate

Ready, Aim, Hire

Participants of the Attracting and Hiring the Best workshops will gain valuable experience in:

  • Prioritizing and weighing key strengths for the position
  • Analyzing individual's perceptions of the job requirements
  • Preparing effective advertising for attracting the best applicants
  • Matching applicants to open jobs
  • Conducting structured behavioral interviewing 
  • Strengthening hiring managers’ knowledge and skills for making the right hiring decision

This workshop utilizes JobScan Job Modeling, Applicant Matching, and Candidate Interviewing reports. Facilitation typically requires 3-4 hours broken up into two sessions.


AIM for the Best Hires