Attracting and Retaining Clients is Not Easy 
It's time to try a new approach

Finding new clients is becoming more difficult and challenging by the day. Technology is raising client expectations at a faster pace.

In order to stay in business and grow your book of business, you need to change the way you attract, engage, and delight clients. This increases the word-of-mouth needed to land new clients.

Is attracting new clients and delighting existing ones a priority for you?


An Innovative System to Fuel Your Growth

Introducing the PDP System

Augment your expertise with the highly effective, in-depth behavioral analysis reporting on individuals and teams. With the insight you gain from PDP reports, you can deliver more value to clients.

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Help leaders gain self-awareness and tailor a development plan for managers and executives. You will also gain a deeper understanding of your clients to make the interactions more meaningful.

Employee Engagement and Retention

Make sound recommendations on initiatives to improve engagement and retention of top performers based on insight gained from individual and team reports.

Innovative Recruiting, Selection and Onboarding

Help clients attract top talent and make better hiring decisions. You can leverage insights from the PDP reporting to create job models and design an optimal onboarding process for each role.


Explore How Other Consultants Have Achieved Success with PDP

"Best single and clear process for team building I have experienced."

-HR Consultant


We care about your success

Why Consultants Love the PDP System

  1. Simplicity and accuracy of the reports.
  2. Over 2700 PDP clients served.
  3. 96% accuracy of behavioral assessments.