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Improve Leadership Performance

Effective leaderships starts with a solid understanding of self-awareness

Become a Leadership ACE

Whatever our roles in life, all of us have leadership responsibilities.

Strengthening Leadership Performance workshops increase a leader’s understanding of their individual leadership style and how to effectively lead others.

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Becoming an ACE of Leadership

Becoming an effective leader starts with a solid understanding of self-awareness. Specific areas for growth are targeted based on a leadership skills measurement survey that leads to a discussion of perceived important leadership qualities.

A    AuthenticLeading from an authentic use of individual traits and personal qualities

C    CompetenceSelecting specific areas to improve leadership skills

E    Empowering OthersLearning how to affirm other people’s strengths



Whatever our roles in life, all of us have leadership responsibilities. During this Strengthening Leadership Performance workshop, you will learn more about the styles you naturally use and will practice ways to increase your effectiveness.

Looking outwardly to the individuals you lead, you will learn to appreciate other people’s strengths and tailor empowering statements to affirm everyone around you.

This workshop utilizes the PDP Personal Strengths report. Facilitation typically requires 3-4 hours broken up into three sessions.


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