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Performance Retention

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Retain top talent and improve performance.


Performance Retention

ProScan provides the answers to why individuals love some tasks but hit the wall on others. When individuals have self-awareness about their strengths and limitations, and management aligns strengths to tasks, everyone is happier and performing at their best.

ProScan focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale. ProScan is a nonthreatening, quick, easy, and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced instruments available. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress.

ProScanUnleash the power of your people!

How it works

  • Complete PDP certification for in-house knowledge and expertise on the JobScan system OR 
  • Certification provides the knowledge and expertise on the JobScan system for in-house use
  • Send ProScan Survey invitations or create custom survey links and select from a list of application specific reports (management guide, personal dynamics report, motivators worksheet...)
  • Receive report(s) 
  • Review report results with individual
  • Coach and set action plans for growth and development
  • Manage to individual's strengths

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