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an overview of the PDP management system

A Proven People Management System

for the Selection, Motivation, and Retention of Your People

Precision Hiring

Ever hire someone thinking you have the best hire ever...only to find out several weeks later that you hired Mr. Hyde?

Take the risk out of hiring with an objective behavioral benchmarking and applicant matching solution. JobScan provides a quick and streamlined process to customize your screening and selection process.

Don't use generic industry or stereotypical benchmarks that your competitor uses; customize your benchmarks to accurately identify what is best for your organization’s ultimate success.

Your organization operates best when the right people are in the right positions and doing the right things.

Attract the right applicants with the right traits and skills and increase your hiring success while decreasing turnover and increasing job satisfaction.

JobScanAttract and Hire the Best

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Performance Retention

ProScan provides the answers to why individuals love some tasks but hit the wall on other tasks. When individuals have self-awareness about their strengths and limitations, and management aligns strengths to tasks, everyone is happier and performing at their best.

ProScan focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale. ProScan is a nonthreatening, quick, easy, and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced instruments available. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress.

ProScanUnleash the power of your people!

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Dynamic Team Communication

Increase productivity and success by empowering your teams with an understanding of their unique group dynamic. Knowing productivity levels, work styles, energy levels, communication styles and points-of-view will help everyone engage more effectively. Higher engagement means more productive departments and divisions that build a vibrant workplace. This is how the goals of your business get accomplished.

TeamScan is your tool for discovering the specific ways your individual team members operate – motivators, stressors, satisfaction, communication style, logic, strengths and more.

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DynaMetric Assessments

Manage your people with the same sophistication as your other mission critical programs.

PDP's collection of DynaMetric Assessments are highly accurate (98%+ accuracy rating), quick (5-10 minutes administration time) and reliable (statistically-based research on working adults).

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Certification for In-house Expertise

Establish a solid foundation in understanding the dynamics of human behavior with the level of certification that meets your needs.

Courses are designed to empower participants with knowledge to administer, interpret and apply PDP processes in-house. Attend a live session or start online and experience immediate results.

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Workshops with Action Plans

Leverage the power of PDP's behavioral assessments and results in any one of the powerful, application-rich workshops.

PowerApp workshops include engaging interaction, learning exercises, and action steps that empower participants for immediate application and benefit in understanding the dynamics of human behavior. Sessions can be attended in person or online. 

Improve teamwork, communication and  management skills today.

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Online Account to Power Your Initiatives

With a majority of users being managers and executives, PDP prides itself in offering online solutions that are one-step easier than user friendly—we call it management friendly.

PDP's Proven People Management System is available through a hosted web application with different account plans to meet your budgetary needs.

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Types of PDP accounts


PDP is not static; it is dynamic.

The PDP System provides answers to your people challenges from the day you start, and will continue to provide you with answers 20+ years from now.

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