Getting through to 'uncoachable' coachees 
Gain insight to overcome the most challenging coaching situations.

Some people are not easy to coach. It becomes more difficult changing a fixed mindset without a deep understanding of the individual.

Without the ability to spark necessary change in executives and managers, you won't shape perceptions for the need of your services. Without changing individuals, you won't change the culture.

How do you improve the effectiveness of the coaching?


The System to Help You Uncover More

How it Works:

Improving effectiveness of your coaching solution starts with the PDP ProScan, powerful assessment tool that identifies the behaviors, motivators and energy levels of individuals. 

1. Your client takes a quick survey

With a quick, 5-10 minute survey that can be completed on any device, you and your client gain a comprehensive report delivered to your inbox.

2. You tailor your approach

Based on the insight you gain from your PDP ProScan report, you will be equipped to dig deeper into causes of stress and other factors that can be affecting performance.

3. Build a trusting relationship

With a deeper understanding of how to communicate and motivate your client, you can make breakthroughs you desire.



How other Executive Coaches have succeeded with PDP 

“I was very pleased with the course. I found it very interesting and informative. I will definitely share with coaches looking for a great assessment tool.”

-Executive Coach


Why Executive Coaches Trust the PDP System

We combine the products, services, and insight to enable your success

  1. Access to educational resources to succeed.
  2. Over 2700 PDP clients served.
  3. 96% accuracy of behavioral assessments.