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Customer Stories

The proof of the PDP management system is in the results. A number of our clients have experienced quantifiable cost and time savings with the implementation of PDP. See how companies like you are successfully managing industry challenges. 

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Incredibly Engaged and Inspired Teams Working Collaboratively

  • #32 on the 50 Best Non-Profits to Work for in the U.S.
  • #2,603 on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Grown Small Business
  • Joint Commission Gold Standard for four consecutive inspections/audits over 13 years
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Salvaging Key Employees by Improving Morale

  • Overall, the company saved approximately $224,400.
  • Employee Turnover: Reduced by 44%, resulting approximately in $114,400 savings in salaries and benefit costs.
  • Inventory: The company has doubled its fleet of luxury motor coaches from 6 to 12 in one year.
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Improving Morale, Decreasing Turnover, and Increasing Profitability

  • The overall success of the implementation of our training assisted the company by improving their production by 2 points. Financially each point represents $8,000 or $16,000 per month.
  • We have been fortunate to work with Motor Products for 16 months, during which their ROI has increased to $256,000.
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Lowering Turnover from 33% to 2.8%

  • Turnover was reduced from 33% to 2.8%. Employee retention increased as strengths were valued, motivators recognized and teamwork improved.
  • Dispatcher Job Model profile targeted advertising and customized interviewing made hiring more effective.
  • Each of the 45 communication action items from the team sessions were addressed, improving morale and a sense of value (i.e. architect hired—redesigned work spaces, key people chosen to do the newsletter, etc.).
  • Individual PDP profiles and TeamScan information was utilized for a more intimate understanding of each other. Conflict between and among the three dispatch shifts decreased as understanding increased.
  • A committee to recognize employee excellence was implemented, further improving morale.
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Screening ‘IN’ the Right Candidates, Increasing Tenure by 10%

  • Screening capacity increased by 10% to allow for additional interviews.
  • HR Central has streamlined the application tracking process.
  • Recruiting staff has been reduced by 3.5 individuals.
  • Average employee tenure has increased by 10%, from 450 days to 495 days.
  • Supervisors now enjoy interviewing selected candidates who match the job model. They gain greater, more appropriate feedback as they use the questions from the interviewing guide.
  • Hiring managers are increasingly confident in the accuracy of their decisions. This has fostered stronger ‘buy-in’ to the PDP .program.
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Reducing Candidate Interviewing Time by 600%

  • JobScan Job Model provided quick and accurate description of the work styles and behavioral criteria required for the position.
  • Targeted applicant advertising motivated only qualified applicants to attend the open house, significantly decreasing the large number of unqualified applicants (from 100 to 50), saving hours of screening effort.
  • Interviewing time was decreased from 1 1/2 hours per candidate to as little as 15 minutes, a reduction in time of 600%.
  • Retention of valuable employees increased significantly as their strengths were valued and their motivating factors were provided.
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