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ProScan Survey Invitation API

by Brent W. Hubby, on Oct 5, 2020 8:00:00 AM

PDP is pleased to announce the expansion of its client API offerings. The ProScan Invitation API provides the ability for clients to programmatically request that the PDP web application send a ProScan Survey Invitation. When a client licenses any API option (see options A–D below) the new ProScan Invitation API is included with their license. This addition provides clients with another means to automate the administration of PDP surveys and reports into their daily functions with great convenience and security. 

The ProScan Invitation API provides great flexibility and allows client's applications to:

  • Specify the ProScan Survey language to present to respondents
  • Select the ProScan Report(s) to generate on survey completion
  • Indicate who, if anyone, is to receive the report (Report notification email)
  • Optionally provide an external ID (useful to associate the survey and reports to client's database record)

Available only for Platinum and Enterprise Solution plans. Excludes Applicant survey invitations and reports, ProScan Side-by-Side reports, and Job Dynamics Analysis (JDA) survey invitations.

Client organizations now have a complete range of PDP data points available to import into their in-house database or applicant tracking system (ATS). Here's the complete PDP Client APIs list:

A: ProScan report 
B: Basic Traits
C: Basic and Priority Values
D: JobScan Applicant match scores and reports  

Visit the PDP API information webpages (APIs and Flowchart: Integrating PDP into Internal Processes) for option details and samples. Wondering what an API is? Read more

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Released|Version 4.1.12787