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Understand What Makes People Tick

The proven people management system that inspires your culture and ignites productivity

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Make Confident People Decisions

Whether recruiting new hires, motivating current employees, or improving team communication, use insights from PDP to ensure you have the right people in the right seats.

Professional DynaMetric Programs®

Measuring the dynamics of individuals with ProScan®

Measuring the dynamics of jobs with JobScan®

Measuring the dynamics of teams with TeamScan®

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Quick, Accurate, and Reliable Behavioral Profiles

Individuals can complete the ProScan survey in under 10 minutes on any device. The comprehensive profile report lays the foundation for organizational change.

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Deliver Results in Any Role

Whether you're a business owner driving a culture change or an HR leader seeking quality applicants and developing talent, we empower you to achieve desired results.

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HR professionals and consultants using PDP

Are You Skeptical About Using Behavioral Assessments in the Workplace?

With the amount of unqualified options out there, we don't blame you. Give us a chance to show how the PDP system is built on scientific research to truly perform for your business.

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Backed by Research into Behaviors

We study working professionals and link behaviors to organizational performance. Our research is based on statistical analysis, not proving a theory.

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research into human behavior in the workplace

Become a PDP-Certified Change Agent 

Learn how to identify the root causes of your organizational problems and create an effective strategy to solve them.

Our certifications empower you to expand in-house capabilities to drive positive organizational change.

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The PDP Management System

Our dynamic suite of products and services work together to solve the most complex organizational challenges.


The powerful behavioral assessment that focuses on strengths and motivators of individuals.


Using the profiles of successful top performers, the JobScan gives you the insights to create accurate Job Models to ensure you hire the right people for the job.


Gain a deeper understanding of success drivers of your core teams and the entire organization.


The powerful web application that allows you to send surveys, generate reports, and integrate with your HR system.

PowerApp Workshops

Turn knowledge into application with workshops delivered in a classroom setting or virtually.
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PDP Representatives

Our network of PDP partners can help you implement your people strategy.

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Who Uses PDP?

Hundreds of client organizations in over 23 countries trust PDP to support their most important workforce initiatives.

I learned that besides hiring right, another real benefit to PDP in my region has been a dramatic decrease in stress and a profound increase in mutual respect.”

—Dave Neal, Penhall Corporation

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How Can We Help You Today?

I need help with . . .

managers making precision hiring decisions

Precision Hiring

Attract and hire the best candidates with accuracy and precision.

a team communicating more effectively

Dynamic Team Communication

Discover how individuals can adapt their communication to people and situations with the PDP System.

two valued employees actively engaged in a task they are best suited for

Performance Retention

Align the strengths and limitations of individuals to tasks and management practices.

Experience the Power of PDP for Yourself

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