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The Science of Understanding People

People are the heartbeat of your business. When you have the right tools you can hire the right people, increase morale, and ignite purpose and productivity. Every person in your organization can contribute to a healthy bottom line when they communicate, cooperate, and interact in alignment.

The highest performing teams are the ones that fit dynamically. Experience the difference with PDP systems.

PDP systems make it possible to bring out the best in people at every level of the organization—from the executive team to the line staff. Understanding people will improve your hiring practices, employee retention, help you build great teams and manage effectively. PDP is tested and proven to help your company produce measurable results and a high return on your most valuable resource—your people.

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Our Professional DynaMetric Programs


JobScan ®copyright


  • Statistical, custom Job Modeling process
  • Matches people to positions
  • Increases hiring success
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Decreases turnover

ProScan ®copyright

Pro Scan

  • Increases retention
  • Strengthens managerial communication skills
  • Reduces stress and conflict
  • Provides motivational factors
  • Develops employee performance strategies

TeamScan ®copyright

Team Scan

  • Team building with results-oriented action plans
  • Creates clear communications
  • Builds high performance teams
  • Unites and strengthens teams
  • Analyzes corporate culture
Build teams more effectively

Build Teams!



An efficient, cost-effective means for increasing the effectiveness of an organization. Your people will learn about the traits and styles of both themselves and others in a proven way that will greatly improve teamwork and communication while decreasing stress.


Empower departments, workgroups, teams, and individuals to produce at peak levels. PowerApp workshops are flexible and can be facilitated during a single session or spread over multiple sessions.


Ask your Licensed PDP Representative about PowerApp Facilitator licensing, customizing, and facilitating.
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Life Changing Learning

Building a foundation of PDP knowledge and equipping you to apply processes in-house.



System License

System License

People Focused, Data Driven

PDP’s Integrated Management System is a proven program, making the business of people management more effective, scientific, and predictable.

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The Results Were Amazing

The proof of the PDP management system is in the results. A number of our clients have experienced quantifiable cost and time savings with the implementation of PDP. Check out our case studies to see for yourself!
Even after years of using ProScan and TeamScan to improve the management of employees and departments, clients are still amazed by the simplicity, accuracy, and utility of PDP metrics. Recently, one of PDP’s long-time clients in the healthcare industry began a major reorganization. Health Care Industry

Because of that warning and the diligent work they have devoted to their communication skills, they have built a strong and loving relationship. While PDP has enjoyed great success in the business world and in management, this story is a clear illustration how useful PDP can be to “people issues” outside their work environment! Randy Smith


Once PDP helped us develop our ‘Successful District Manager’ profile and our managers and supervisors learned how to successfully motivate those people, our dramatic circulation gains propelled us from a distant #2 paper in the market to a strong #1. Ron Myatt


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