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PDP Professional Certification

No time to get a masters or doctorate in human behavior? This two-day course catapults you into mastering understanding and leveraging human behavior!

About the PDP Professional Certification

The PDP Professional course is designed for individuals of client organizations to participate in a rich learning environment to master the understanding of people dynamics and PDP's people management system. The focus is on building a foundation of PDP knowledge and equipping you to apply processes in-house when you return to your organization.

Who should attend?

  • Business owners and leaders
  • Operations directors
  • Sales managers
  • Human resource directors
  • Learning and development directors
  • Mid- to upper-level managers
  • Consultants (internal and external)
  • Individuals strategically involved in the people side of business
The two-day PDP Professional Certification establishes the solid foundation of PDP’s people management system and prepares professionals to for immediate use and results.

Certification goals:

  • Learn PDP’s guiding principles and philosophies
  • Understand the metrics and meaning of behaviors
  • Apply the management concepts and processes
  • Interpret ProScan report information to develop improvements and solutions
  • Develop job model profiles for any position in the organization
  • Learn how to interview and select the best people to “fit” positions
  • Practice skills in team planning, defining roles and responsibilities, learning what to expect from team members, and enhancing communication


  • Live Sessions
    • PDP Global Corporate Training Center
    • Representative Offices
    • On-site at your organization for groups of five (5) or more
  • Online @ PDP eCampus
    • Requirement:  80% score passing score

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PDP Professional Certification
Master people dynamics

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