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API for JobScan Applicant Match Score and Reports

by Steve Carlson, on Nov 4, 2019 3:53:00 PM

Any JobScan applicant report selected can be retrieved as a single report PDF response along with applicant match scores, including:

Applicant Reports

Example of applicant match score values

  • Job Model Name:  Sales Executive Model
  • Version #:  ver. 3
  • Match score:  73%
Applicant reports


With this addition, client organizations now have a complete range of possible PDP data points available to import into their in-house database or applicant tracking system (ATS).

Here's the complete PDP Client APIs list:

A: ProScan report 
B: Basic Traits
C: Basic and Priority Values
D: JobScan Applicant match scores and reports  

Visit the PDP API information webpages (APIs and Flowchart: Integrating PDP into Internal Processes) for option details and samples.

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