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Reducing Candidate Interviewing Time by 600%

Call Center

Specialty:  Consumer Collections
Location:  Lincoln, USA
Employee Size:  1,800

Can you imagine being responsible to collect more than $9,000 from an individual who is extremely far behind on a telephone bill? Amazingly, there are people who have the strengths and skills not only to get the money, but also enjoy the process.

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The Situation

XYZ, Inc.*  is a collection agency that receives delinquent customer accounts from its clients. It manages a large call center, staffed by people whose job is to get those customers to pay their outstanding bills.

The HR department of XYZ, Inc. was frustrated by the time and cost of hiring account representatives and by the difficulty of retaining those they hired. In fact, turnover was so high that every month they conducted a day-long open house just to encourage individuals to apply. The open house brought in numerous applicants, yet by the end of the day, everyone was exhausted and very few qualified people had been hired.

*Name changed

The Objectives

  • To recruit and hire the best account representatives.
  • To reduce time and cost in hiring account representatives.
  • To retain valuable, trained employees.

The Implementation

The Vice President of Human Resources selected two key individuals to complete the PDP Professional Certification course. These individuals worked closely with the hiring managers to effectively incorporate PDP in their company.

Using JobScan®, they created a job model that included individual ProScans® of successful employees in the account representative position along with Job Dynamic Analysis Surveys (JDAs) completed by the position managers. This process quickly identified a distinct profile by which applicants would be screened. The closer the match of their work styles and behavioral traits to those of the model, the greater the expectation that they would be successful in the job.

Once the job model was developed, the HR department, with the input from the managers of the account representatives, designed their advertisement. Using the “How to Advertise” section of the Job Dynamics Analysis on Model Report, they selected words that would motivate the appropriate individuals to apply. They ensured that the managers could sincerely provide these motivating factors once the individuals were hired.

The HR department included the ProScan Survey in the new application package so the hiring team could begin the screening process by comparing the Applicant’s Basic Profile with the Job Model’s Basic Profile.

Because of the targeted advertising, the company immediately experienced an increase in the number of applicants whose work styles and behavioral traits matched those of the model. Yet they were puzzled that individuals with opposite profiles also applied.

At their request, the PDP Representative reviewed the advertisement. He found that the HR managers, seeking to demonstrate compliance and loyalty to former systems, had placed additional words, such as benefits, in the publicity. These words had caught the attention of the people whose strengths did not match the job criteria.

The hiring team rewrote the advertisement using just the words that JobScan generated—words that would attract only the desired individuals. Immediately the percentage of appropriate applicants increased while the number of mismatched job seekers dropped off.

Interviews were scheduled with candidates who matched the Job Model and also met other organization standards, such as education and experience. Hiring managers used the Interviewing Guide generated by JobScan to confirm the behavioral patterns of the applicants in previous work-related situations. As a result, they streamlined the interviews and obtained relevant information for making reliable hiring decisions.

The Measurable Results

Within the past year, the call center has attracted 14,000 potential employees. As part of the online application, each individual completed the PDP Survey, providing the Job Model Applicant Report for Job Model matching. The results have been remarkable:

  • JobScan Job Model provided a quick and accurate description of the work styles and behavioral criteria required for the position.
  • Targeted applicant advertising motivated only qualified applicants to attend the open house, significantly decreasing the large number of unqualified applicants (from 100 to 50) and saving hours of screening time and effort.
  • Interviewing time was decreased from 1 1/2 hours per candidate to as little as 15 minutes, a reduction in time of 600%.
  • Retention of valuable employees increased significantly as their strengths were valued and their motivating factors were provided.

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More Qualified Applicants
Interviewing Time Reduced from 1.5 hours
Strengths valued and motivators provided
“We can’t believe how much easier our hiring process became, how much less costly, and how much more effective. Thank you, PDP.”

Vice President of Human Resources