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Data-Driven Research: The ProScan Survey 500 Series

by Brent W. Hubby, on Oct 10, 2021 5:20:13 PM

PDP is pleased to announce the completion of a three-year study of the ProScan Survey. The purpose was to determine whether even greater accuracy could be achieved with the ProScan Survey based on the reality of language evolution and change over time.

The research study results, both quantitative as well as qualitative, provided strong statistical evidence for upgrading ProScan Survey to the new version, which we are calling the 500 Series. 

Quantitative research:

The level of data driven research is quite impressive and should be the standard for any publisher of a behavioral assessment or personality trait measurement instrument. A look at the competitive landscape reveals that PDP is leading the industry in continual research and setting the highest standards, providing its clientele with the best instruments available.

Highlights of what the researchers did

  •  tested 50 new potential replacement words
  • surveyed 39,049 unique respondents to assess the accuracy of the words
  • used 11 exploratory factor analyses (EFAs) to test the effectiveness of existing and possible replacement survey words
  • performed 3 confirmatory factor analyses (CFAs) to verify the superior psychometric properties of the replacement words compared to those in the current 400 Series ProScan Survey

Qualitative research

As most of our clients would agree, the litmus test for accuracy is the qualitative one-on-one confirmations. Researchers completed 117 ProScan feedback consultations in cross-cultural settings. These one- to two-hour consultations enabled researchers to evaluate the extent to which individuals agree with their survey results and provided overwhelming support for the 500 Series. One longtime user of PDP exclaimed, “This is my most accurate ProScan result yet!” Another said, “The 500 Series results are like PDP added a powerful lens that brings my traits into focus even more.” With these findings, the need to release the ProScan Survey 500 Series was confirmed.

Release date

The ProScan Survey 500 Series will be released on October 15, 2021, after 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time). This upgrade will include in all English language accounts plus all other language accounts (except Chinese).

Preparing for the release

The majority of clients will not need to do anything to prepare because survey invitations and survey links will upgrade automatically on the evening of October 15. To date, more than 40 accounts have already been switched over to the 500 Series with no interruptions; the transition is seamless.

Clients who use the Manual Entry feature should pay close attention to the message the first time they log in to PDPworks after October 15. They will be directed to purge all paper copies and PDF files of survey forms and go to the Printable Survey Forms page to obtain the new ProScan Survey 500 Series.

ProScan Survey 500 Series

Important: If you do not see a "500" in the top right corner of the ProScan Survey form, do not use it. Not only have the survey words changed, but the order of the words has changed as well. Thus, entering an old 400 series after October 15, 2021, will not produce an accurate profile.

The ProScan Confirmatory Factor Analysis study is available for an in-depth understanding of the research project. For a non-technical version of this and other PDP research, check out the research overview write-up.

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