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New Report: Personal Performance Actions

by Brent W. Hubby, on Aug 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Feeling like you do not have enough time? Need to be able to do one-on-one ProScan feedback sessions quicker? Want to proactively create a performance action plan for associates?

We captured the key items from the Personal Dynamics report into a 4-page report to simplify the one-on-one feedback process and ignite implementation of PDP to client account associates.

This four-page report targets four main areas for an individual feedback session:
  1. What makes you TICK...with key self-coaching tips for Basic/Natural Self,
  2. How are life's pressures affecting you...with self-coaching tips for identifying negative pressures,
  3. What motivates you...with a new worksheet to identify and define key motivators and overriding needs, and
  4. How you can impact personal performance...with open ended questions to link basic strengths, priority pressures and motivators for a solid take-away action page with one-year and five-year targets.
How to use the Personal Dynamics and Personal Performance Actions reports together:
  • Use the Personal Performance Actions report to introduce the individual to their ProScan results and conduct a one-on-one ProScan feedback session with targeted, meaningful discussion and planning actions.
  • Provide the Personal Dynamics Report to the individual in a ProScan Report folder as a take-away gift.
  • Give the Connect with Me report to the individual so they can share their ProScan in a simple and easy way to understand.
When choosing the Personal Dynamics report, the Personal Performance Action report will automatically check as well for no additional cost. Want the Personal Performance Action report on past surveys? No problem, go to View All > Search and Select individual and click Upgrade. This report is included with Platinum and Enterprise Solution plans and is also of no additional cost to Gold or Silver plan accounts if a Personal Dynamics Report was previously generated.
Where to find:  Surveys > ProScan Invitation or Manual Entry > Choose Reports, or View All > Upgrade

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