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Introducing the Side-by-Side Report  -  Part 2

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 18, 2017 12:08:16 PM

Three Great Uses for PDP’s Side-by-Side Report

In Introducing the Side-by-Side Report— Part 1, we discussed how PDP’s newest report places two individual’s Basic/Natural Self side-by-side. You will find that pairing two people’s information on the same page visually demonstrates interesting similarities and stark differences between the two profiles. Even more, by going through the Perceptions, Thinking Ahead, and Discussion Questions, the two individuals will begin to quickly understand the challenges and benefits of interacting together. But how might you use this report in a real-life situation? Here in Part II, we will give you three ways (of many) you may consider using this report.

New Team Member/Team Lead

Consider for a moment that you have an existing employee who is transferring to a new team. In the past, you would simply generate a new TeamScan on the entire group to facilitate the onboarding process. Now, in addition to your TeamScan, you may also generate a Side-by-Side Report to facilitate an effective and strong relationship between the new team member and his/her team lead. No more guessing as how the two might react to each other and just hoping for the best. With the Side-by-Side Report, the two can discuss and plan ahead by quickly recognizing each other's strengths and avoiding behavioral pitfalls.

Resolving Employee Conflict

How often have you wished you could have a straightforward and standard way of dealing with a conflict between two employees? Now, with the Side-by-Side Report, you can easily create such a process that works within your unique business environment. Using the Discussion Questions in the back of the report, you can uncover the differences in the behavioral style each has and the behavioral modifications each will need to make for the negative conflict to be eliminated.

Preparing for New Relationships

For years, coaches and mentors have used ProScan Metrics to aid two individuals that are considering a long-term relationship with each other, such as potential spouses. The Side-by-Side Report will make their jobs so much easier! Linking together the insight gleaned from the Thinking Ahead, Perceptions, and Motivators sections of the report, coaches will be able to deftly guide their clients in avoiding pitfalls and accentuating their collective strengths.

There are so many ways clients can use this amazing new report. Let us know how you plan to use the Side-By-Side Report!

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