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Easy access to eCampus from PDPworks

by Steve Carlson, on Oct 1, 2022 4:28:02 PM

Modern life forces us to create so many different logins and passwords that trying to remember them all becomes overwhelming. At PDP, we would like to alleviate some of that difficulty—at least as it relates to eCampus and PDPworks. 


There has never been a direct link between the PDPworks application and the PDP eCampus. That is changing now! Our goal is to make it so that a learner never has to use a separate username and password to log in to the eCampus. Instead, every learner will enter the eCampus by logging into PDPworks . . . 

As of October 1, users will log into PDPworks to find a list of the eCampus courses they have access to. Clicking on the course title in PDPworks will transfer the learner directly to that content in the eCampus. 


Accessing the eCampus after October 1 


New Users

Since new users after October 1 will use PDPworks to log into the eCampus, a PDPworks Welcome Email will be emailed to every new PDP Professional and ProScan Mentor just like we do for new Hiring Managers and PDP Assistants. New users will create a PDPworks password as they do now. On-screen messaging will inform new users that they should wait until they receive their Manual before commencing the eCertification course. We recommend, however, that in the meantime they take the STRENGTHS course using their PDP report.   


Current Users

Beginning October 1, users can access courses from their PDPworks account by clicking the “eCampus” tab. Available courses will have active hyperlinks. 


ReallyProfessional-Sync Screenshot (1)


Future upgrades to watch for 

Future enhancements will change how companies that purchase an unlimited eLearning course (such as STRENGTHS) will access that content. That part of the integration, however, is not yet complete. For the time being, we will continue to use landing pages for those registering for unlimited course access. There will be no change at the moment for those eCampus users; they will still log into the PDP eCampus directly. 


In conclusion, we are excited about how well this functionality works and will work going forward. We are confident that everyone will be pleased to have one less username and password to keep track of! 


Updated October 1, 2022

Release | Version 5.0.16497