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#3 - Iconic PDP

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 9, 2017 11:03:37 AM

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New Icons and Terms

PDPworks 4.0 will introduce a host of new and intuitive icons to assist navigating the application. For a list of icons, descriptions, and terms, check out the Quick Reference Guide! Some of the icons illustrate major upgrades. For example, instead of levels for organizing your reports, you’ll use folders. While similar to levels, folders are much more flexible. Now, you can have access to multiple folders anywhere within the folder tree. This allows an organization to grant access across departments, for instance, without having to grant organization-wide access. Even better, folder access can be expanded, reduced, or revoked at any time by the Key Contact (i.e., primary contact for the account).

Creates a new report (applicant, team, job or new Side-by-Side), or a new Pre-Purchase Account (Gold and Silver plans).

Reveals additional information for a record.

Single-click access to the View All screen to search for individuals by name, title, email, date, or report.

Indicates a report name is hyperlinked and can be clicked to view, print, or download.

Identifies the location where reports and surveys are stored.

Returns user to the main screen.

Indicates the type of survey connected to an individual (Blue=ProScan Survey, Red=Applicant ProScan Survey or JDA Survey, Grey=pending survey invitation).

Allows user to add funds to a Pre-Purchase Account using a credit card. (Gold and Silver plans only)

Allows user to view details of an individual, user, team, job model, or Pre-Purchase Account (Gold and Silver plans).

Generates a name tag for an individual or the members of a team for workshops, seminars, or team sessions.

Displays the user’s name. Click for additional information and account management.

Allows users to move funds between two Pre-Purchase Accounts. (Gold and Silver plans only)

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