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#25 - Leveraging PDPworks 4.0 - Scenario 1

by Steve Carlson, on Sep 8, 2017 5:00:08 PM

We wanted to begin a series of blog posts where we demonstrate how you can begin leveraging some of the new features of PDPworks 4.0 to benefit your organization. The following example will use the new Folder feature along with the Side-by-Side Report, and the Enterprise Solution plan.



Consider for a moment that you need to add a new member to an existing project team. This team will continue working together for the next 14 months to reach a significant goal. There is not a lot of time for the members of the team to get to know the new member and the team leader is nervous about how this person will interact with the existing team members.

How to help

  • Using PDPwork 4.0, you would probably want to make sure you have new ProScans on each of the team members. For organizational purposes, you choose to place the ProScans in a new folder that is specific to that project team.
  • Since you have an Enterprise Bundle, you have the team members complete the Strengths Unlimited eCourse to be fully aware of their own behavior strengths.
  • After creating a TeamScan of the project team and taking time to evaluate it, you lead a discussion about the strengths of the team and what they are looking for in a new team member as well as the benefits of being a part of this team (think Motivators!).
  • Using what you learned from the team discussion, you begin to identify potential employees who might fit well with this particular team's culture.
  • When the final selection is made, you update the TeamScan with this person and evaluate how this may change the group dynamics.
  • Finally, you generate a Side-by-Side report and take the team leader and new members through the report and work through the discussion questions at the end.

This is just one scenario illustrating the many possibilities available to you in PDPworks 4.0! 

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