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#24 - The Power of Enterprise Solutions

by Steve Carlson, on Sep 7, 2017 4:53:41 PM

PDP Global has offered plans to fit the differing needs of our many clients. The Silver and Gold pay-as-you-go plans provide unlimited surveys with clients paying only for the reports that they generate. The Platinum plan is a tailored annual agreement providing a fixed number of surveys yet unlimited reporting. Now, offering even better flexibility and value,  PDPworks 4.0 ushers in the Enterprise Solution plan—or should we call it “Titanium?”

What is the Enterprise Solution Plan?

An Enterprise Solution is a tailored package of surveys, reports, certifications, and learning resources. These strategic packages enable organizations to improve their people management and—more importantly—their bottom-line. For instance, an organization with 185 employees would have access to an unlimited number of surveys and reports for the year, plus a number of PDP Professional certifications and five ProScan Mentor certifications. In addition, the organization would be granted a one-year unlimited license for every employee in the organization to access the Strengths Unlimited eLearning course.

Following is a simple scenario. In future blog posts, we'll provide more in-depth scenarios demonstrating how you can leverage the Enterprise Solution plan to help your individual employees while scaling the knowledge across departments to benefit your entire organization.


Consider that you are the Key Contact for your organization's PDPworks 4.0 account and your leadership has given you the responsibility of a training initiative for the managers of five different departments. This would be no problem if you had the Enterprise Solution plan.

First, you generate ProScan survey invitations to all of the employees and managers in each of the five departments. Then, the five managers are enrolled in PDP Global's eCampus and registered to complete the ProScan Mentor certification. While the managers are completing the ProScan Mentor certification, each employee in these five departments independently goes through the Basic/Natural Self (Section 1) of their report using the STRENGTHS Unlimited eCourse. The employees are instructed to prepare for their one-on-one feedback session by completing their Motivator Worksheet. Finally, you evaluate the level of learning each manager achieved when completing the ProScan Mentor certification by observing and helping with some of the feedback consultations that they conduct with each of their employees.

Contact your PDP Representative to learn more about tayloring  an Enterprise Solution plan for your organization.

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