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#23 - Report Names Updated

by Steve Carlson, on Sep 6, 2017 10:59:07 AM

In previous posts, we've mentioned new reports in PDPworks 4.0 such as the Side-by-Side, as well as reports that have been upgraded, like the QuickView report. Throughout these posts, we've also mentioned some of the name changes that are occurring in several ProScan, JobScan, and TeamScan reporting. Below is a comprehensive list of name changes with hyperlinks to examples of ProScan and TeamScan reports for you to check out! For the best rendering of the sample, PDFs be sure to download and view. In a future post, we'll introduce the new and improved JobScan reports!


The “Personal Development Report Package” name has changed to the Personal Dynamics report.

The “ProScan QuickView” name has been shortened to just QuickView.


The “Basic Traits & Energy” has been appropriately changed to Group Basic Dynamics.

The “Priority Environment Impact” name has been updated to Group Priority Dynamics.


The “Job Dynamics Analysis Report” is now simply Job Model.

The “Candidate Interviewing Report Package” has been shortened to simply Candidate Interview.

The “JobSearch” name has been changed to the more accurate name of Career Path.


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