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#16 - "How To" Video Library

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 25, 2017 4:17:42 PM

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How do I [fill in the blank]?

Thus far in our blog post series, we've discussed a lot of the many new or upgraded features and reports that come standard with the anticipated release of PDPworks 4.0, things like name tags, the new Side-by-Side report, mass invitations, upgraded graphics in TeamScan, and the new arrangement of and additional materials in the Personal Dynamics Report.  We've also discussed add-on features like additional site-wide languages and the STRENGTHS Unlimited eCourse. In each of these blogs you will find a button like this one:

If you have not recently (or ever) clicked the button above, you are missing out!

There is no reason to miss-a-beat when we switch to PDPworks 4.0. From our "How To" videos you will learn quick and efficient ways of viewing and creating a report and accessing new features. These videos are optimized for easy access by both mobile devices and PC/Mac computers.

We consistently update the video's content so you can be sure to learn something new each time you visit. In fact, just today we added how to create a Side-by-Side report as well as how to view & edit existing Job Models and create new JobModels.

As we approach the release, we will add very important videos about what you will need to do and what to expect when you log in to PDPworks 4.0 for the first time. Check out today's new PDPworks "How To" videos!

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