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#15 - Renew the QuickView

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 24, 2017 12:56:34 PM

QuickView Updates

The QuickView report has been upgraded in PDPworks 4.0! Originally designed at the request of dispatchers who were responsible for dozens of over-the-road drivers at large trucking companies, this one-page report gives a strategic slice of PDP insight to supervisors for better management of their direct reports. Since its introduction several years ago, managers of all types have been able to use this report to improve their management effectiveness with employees.

The QuickView is designed around the question, “What makes a person TICK?”. TICK is an acronym for Traits, Interests, Communication Styles, and Key Action Tips. Up to now, the QuickView gave a brief understanding of each trait. Now, not only will you be able to read a description of each unique trait, but the Summary Paragraph will provide a detailed description of how those traits interact with each other!

We are confident that the additional information your managers receive in this one-page report will make their management of employees even more effective.


The QuickView is an ideal option for Enterprise Bundle clients who provide a full ProScan feedback to employees but also want to train supervisors to leverage PDP metrics in managing their direct reports. Because Enterprise Bundle accounts provide unlimited surveys, there is no problem in having all your employees take the ProScan Survey periodically and receive their Personal Dynamics Report, while their managers receive the very concise QuickView report. Your supervisors can even take part in our short MANAGE online course, which instructs them in how to appropriately and effectively use the QuickView! Ask your Representative for details.

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