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#9 - Invitations to the Masses!

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 18, 2017 10:14:27 AM

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New Feature

PDPworks 4.0 makes sending out multiple ProScan, Applicant, and JDA surveys a snap! Gone are the days of one-at-a-time emails and custom messages.  Now, after inputting recipient emails, you can send the ProScan survey along with a customized message to all the invitees at the same time—with the click of one button! Later, we'll present how you can upgrade reports and create teams en-mass too. But for now, you can check out the instructional video below for how easy it is to send Applicant ProScan Survey Invitations.

You can also view many other features in our "how-to" library of videos."

Tomorrow we will continue with Introduction the Side-by-Side report - Part 2!

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