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#30 - New Applicant Matching Graphics

by Steve Carlson, on Oct 10, 2017 12:06:12 PM

Along with new Job Model enhancements, the Applicant Match Report (previously named Job Matching Report) has had major upgrades! Take a look at the overhauled Comparison Chart below.

Color Coding—Good, Fair, Poor.

The Applicant Match report is now color coded to make reviewing applicants even easier.  The red, yellow, or green shading will quickly show you the areas in which the Basic/Natural Self cornerstone traits, logic, energy measurements are in or out of the Job Model Envelopes. Think of it as:

  • Green is good or go (applicant matches the job model requirements),
  • Yellow is fair or warning (the applicant differs in styles from what the job requires), and
  • Red is poor or stop (applicant strays too far from job requirements). 

Compare in 4 Steps

The Applicant Match Comparison Chart guides users through these 4 steps:

  1. Compare applicant's and job model's basic traits—Dominance, Extroversion, Pace, Conformity, Energy Style and Energy Level.
    NOTE: The final column in the upper table also notes whether the particular measurement is essential for the job because of its narrow envelope, which indicates considerable agreement among contributors.
  2.  Compare profile shapes and resulting trait pairs—does the applicant have the same profile configuration as the job model, how do the trait pairs compare?
  3. Match score—green% = applicant match score of 75% - 100%, yellow% = 50%-74% match score and red% = match score is below 50%.
  4. Review priority stress—a sneak peek at applicant's priority environment stress to consider if a negative for job placement.

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