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#20 - No More the Limits

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 31, 2017 11:46:39 AM

RealTeam Reports not Limited to 25

Previous versions of PDPworks limited the number of members in a Real Team report to twenty-five (25). One reason for this had to do with the nature of real or actual teams. In his book, Wisdom of Teams, John Katzenbach states:
 “A team is a small group of people (typically fewer than twenty) with complementary skills committed to a common purpose and set of specific performance goals. Its members are committed to working with each other to achieve the team’s purpose and hold each other fully and jointly accountable for the team’s results.”
As Katzenbach indicates, once the size of a group surpasses 20 or 25 people, it ceases to function as a "real team." While the group may be a task force or an organization, it is no longer a team.


Picture of Basic Traits and Energy- Extroversion


Answer: The ability to hold each other "fully and jointly accountable for the team's results" becomes increasingly impossible as the number of people in a group grows. This is one reason why we previously kept the number of members in "Real Team" to 25 or less.  In PDPworks 4.0 we wanted to balance this important fact about the nature of teams with the desire to have more and different metrics available to PDP clients. 

PDPworks 4.0 removes this limit for Real Team reports. While only 25 names will fit on a page, if you add thirty-five people to a TeamScan and you generate an Analysis of Basic report, that report will have two pages that detail the traits, logic, etc. The first page will list 25 people and the second page will list ten.
Our intention in removing this 25-member limit is to allow you the opportunity to leverage these graphics in new and different ways as you guide your employees to a better understanding of each other. In our training of PDP Professionals, we will continue to underscore the fact that real teams can only exist among groups of people smaller than 20 or 25 members and they must be committed to a common purpose and hold each other fully and jointly accountable for the team's results.
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