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#14 - Dashboards are Cool!

by Steve Carlson, on Aug 23, 2017 4:18:12 PM

Ok, maybe dashboards are not really that cool, but, you'll find that the new Dashboard options in PDPworks 4.0 to be really helpful when you are trying to find the information you need!


Client Message Area

Welcome message area

The first thing you will see near the top of the screen is the client message area, where we will provide upgrade notifications and pertinent information you will want to know about your PDPworks account. Just below the message area are two columns. The first column has your PDP Representative's name and contact information. The second column will be different depending upon whether you have the Platinum or Gold plan.


Platinum PlansPlatinum-Dashboard

Here clients with the Platinum plan will find a listing of all PDP usage in each folder since the beginning of the contract year. This is a central location where you can easily keep track of where surveys are used. To scroll down the list, you may either use the down arrow buttons, or if you are using a mouse, you can use the scroll wheel to move quickly up or down.


Gold PlansDashboard for Gold Account

Here clients with the Gold Plan will find a listing of all Pre-Purchase accounts, how much is in each account, as well as links allowing you to create new pre-purchase accounts or to easily add additional funds to any existing account. As with the Platinum plan, you can easily scroll down the list using the down arrow buttons, or if you are using a mouse you can use the scroll wheel to quickly move up or down.

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