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Take EOS a Step Further with Advanced People Management

by Brent W. Hubby, on Apr 25, 2024 12:15:00 PM

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In the dynamic landscape of business management, one truth remains constant: people are the beating heart of any organization. Recognizing this fundamental reality, businesses continually seek frameworks that not only optimize operational efficiency but also nurture and empower their human capital. Enter the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a comprehensive methodology designed to activate organizational growth by prioritizing the human element over technology or products.

At its core, EOS places considerable emphasis on harnessing the collective potential of individuals within an organization. From defining organizational culture to strategically positioning individuals in roles where they can thrive, EOS offers a roadmap for maximizing human capital to drive sustainable success.

Yet, while EOS provides a robust foundation for people-centric operations, savvy businesses understand that wild success often lies in going beyond established frameworks. It is here that an advanced people management system, such as PDP Global’s, emerges as a valuable instrument in the pursuit of organizational excellence.

See how businesses can leverage the combined power of PDP Global and EOS to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, engagement, and success. 

Using People's Strengths

In alignment with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) philosophy of effective delegation, businesses are encouraged to organize tasks based on individual strengths and preferences. This categorization typically involves segmenting tasks into four types that employees: 

  1. Love and are great at
  2. Like and are good at
  3. Don’t like but good at
  4. Dislike and are not good at

By leveraging this framework, organizations can strategically allocate responsibilities, ensuring that individuals are proficient and passionate about their assigned tasks. Moreover, EOS emphasizes the importance of complementing one's own strengths and weaknesses by collaborating with others who excel in areas where they may struggle, fostering a culture of mutual support and growth.

PDP Global takes this strengths-alignment principle a step further by offering a nuanced understanding of individuals' natural behavioral traits, logic styles, and energy metrics through ProScan. In other words, ProScan shows how people are wired for a better understanding of why someone acts, reacts, and does what they do.

How PDP ProScan Works

ProScan is a quick and accurate behavioral assessment that is scientifically proven for business use and predicting performance success. In just a few minutes of the respondent’s time, ProScan collects metrics for four cornerstone traits (Dominance, Extroversion, Pace, and Conformity), decision-making style, energy, satisfaction, and motivators. Business leaders and consulting organizations use ProScan to achieve business goals such as decreasing turnover, attracting top candidates, and improving morale

Unleashing Talent Success Story

Faced with an upcoming succession, #1 Cochran Group needed a reliable way to map employee development compared to their usual spreadsheets and guesswork. The success of an individual’s performance in a new role would depend on their navigation in a team environment with a diverse, five-generation workforce. ProScan provided a framework for objectively measuring communication preferences, traits, and strengths. Such accurate insights facilitated informed people decisions. There was a 46% increase in internal management promotions and a 40% decrease in turnover rate from the industry average as a result.

Defining Culture

At the heart of any organization's culture lies its core values, acting as guiding principles that shape behavior, decisions, and interactions. Within the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework, the process of defining these core values is meticulously outlined, with resources such as the book "Traction" serving as reliable guides. By identifying and embracing core values that resonate with the collective ethos of the organization, businesses can lay a solid foundation for a cohesive and purpose-driven culture.

PDP Global further reinforces the importance of aligning individuals with organizational culture by providing innovative instruments to measure and cultivate soft skills, or more appropriately, essential skills—skills that are naturally ingrained in people and are hard to teach. Among these is TeamScan, a proven solution for teams, departments, or entire companies striving to bridge the gap between existing culture and desired cultural aspirations. 

How PDP TeamScan Works

TeamScan provides objective measurements of the existing culture and facilitates a strategic path toward preferred cultural objectives. It works by compiling the behavioral trait makeup of each individual within the group into a holistic report, focusing on overall trait distribution. The trends and insights provide valuable cues regarding group strengths, motivators, challenges, energy levels, and communication styles. Leaders or consultants seeking cultural change can identify current patterns and cross-reference them with their envisioned culture.

Culture Success Story

A prior banking client of ours wanted to rebrand and stand out from other financial institutions. Instead of fitting the mold of formal, antiquated, and slow-moving, leaders sought an innovative and fast-paced ambiance where customers would be met at the door enthusiastically. Their original TeamScan showed a group that was thorough, pleasant, and amiable—all indicators of status quo bank tellers. Certain trait transformations were needed to adjust to their new vision. A greater degree of extroversion (higher Extroversion) was required to increase enthusiasm to meet and warmly greet people walking through the door. Additionally, more urgent (lower Pace) and less structured (lower Conformity) were hired to create a lively and open culture. The results after making new hires fit this profile were astounding! This bank was soon recognized and favored by the community for its friendliness and efficiency.

Getting the Right People in the Right Seats

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) proclaims that positioning individuals in roles where they can thrive is paramount to organizational success. The People Analyzer tool serves as a valuable resource in this regard, enabling businesses to assess how well individuals align with the organization's culture, values, and overall team dynamics. Leaders can then evaluate individuals' performance and facilitate informed decisions regarding role suitability and potential adjustments.

Complementing EOS's People Analyzer, PDP Global offers JobScan, a sophisticated instrument designed to create tailored job models for specific roles. By meticulously defining the key competencies, behavioral traits, and skill sets required for the role, JobScan serves as a comprehensive guide for both hiring and employee development initiatives.

How PDP JobScan Works

The job models created through JobScan are a combination of the ProScans of high performers plus managerial input. Both perspectives create a comprehensive profile that includes actual behavioral insights along with potentially desired trait information. Each job model is developed for each specific organization’s specific role since what works well for one company’s role, or even a particular branch’s role, does not automatically transfer to an equal role elsewhere.

Hiring Success Story

One call center increasing their employee count from 1,200 to 2,100 in one year faced disappointment with unqualified candidates, high turnover, and inadequate time for interviews. They utilized JobScan to create a job model and linked it to their applicant tracking system to automatically screen out candidates under a 75% match. In doing so, they interviewed high-quality candidates that would have been missed previously, plus created effective interviews using targeted behavioral questions. The call center experienced a 10% increase in screening capacity, a 10% increase in employee tenure, and reduced recruiting staff by three people.

Make Confident People Decisions Today

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) empowers businesses and consultants to enact meaningful change within client organizations, offering a systematic approach designed to optimize operations, enhance team dynamics, and drive tangible results. PDP Global's people management system offers an effective complement to the EOS framework, enhancing its capabilities and driving even greater levels of success.

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