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#1 Cochran Auto Group

Employee Development Process Leads to 46% Increase in Internal Management Promotions

Company Overview


Industry: Auto


Location: Monroeville, PA


Employee Size: 1,500

Instruments Used:







Lower Turnover Than the Industry Average

Increase in Internal Management Promotions

of Executives and Managers Complete a ProScan® Annually

The Challenge

  • Understanding Employees at Their Core
  • Consistent Processes for Employee Development
  • Communicating Effectively within Teams
  • Growing Together Across Five Generations

To reach their ultimate goal of becoming a century company, #1 Cochran Auto Group needed a reliable succession plan to transition not only to, but through and beyond the next generation. Consistent operational processes had heavily contributed to their 58-year longevity thus far, and leaders recognized the lack thereof for confidently matching the right people to the right roles.

Prior to PDP, #1 Cochran didn’t have concrete insights into the motivations, strengths, and communication styles of each individual. They were limited to mapping employee development on whiteboards and spreadsheets, which involved guesswork on who would follow which career path. Especially with a diverse, five-generation workforce to consider, performance in team environments added another variable when predicting how successful someone would be in their next role.

To improve communication, develop their employees, and plan for succession, #1 Cochran began searching for a verified people management platform.

The Solution

  • An Accurate and Verified System
  • Holistic Knowledge of Individuals
  • A Philosophy to Match Company Values

#1 Cochran Auto Group turned to their network for solutions and received a recommendation of Dan at the Rawls Group, who is a PDP Global provider. The PDP platform offered modules like ProScan®, TeamScan®, and Side-by-Sides to assess employees' traits, communication preferences, and how they interact within teams. 

Impressed by PDP’s 98% accuracy rate and scientific research, PDP’s emphasis on personal development and the humanity of an individual further resonated with #1 Cochran:

“A lot of other personality indexes only focus on the person's role within the organization,” noted #1 Cochran’s Director of Talent Development, Ryan Koch. “We’ve looked at the Enneagram and DiSC, but PDP really stood out on the human aspect. PDP is about more than the individual in the organization; it focuses on the person you're talking to right then. You’re looking at them as a whole whether it’s career, personal, financial…That made PDP feel really authentic.”

With #1 Cochran’s company values of continual learning and respect, PDP felt like the right fit for their organization.

The Implementation

Two factors significantly contributed to #1 Cochran’s successful implementation of the PDP system: strong leadership support and an intentional rollout. The C-suite had a steadfast mindset of developing their people and saw PDP as the practical instrument to follow through on it. They took time to explain PDP’s purpose and function, incorporate it throughout all levels of the company, and tie it to company values. Their diligence prevented employees from feeling overwhelmed and made PDP easy to integrate into regular processes.

Managing PDP In-House

PDP certification empowers organizations to independently execute the PDP system. With PDP’s Enterprise Solution, #1 Cochran has maximized the number of certified PDP Professionals mainly within the HR Department. They easily distribute ProScans to everyone within the organization and always review results together with the employee as per PDP standards.

Monthly Management Bootcamps

All 198 #1 Cochran managers, directors, and executives meet virtually each month to discuss training, development, and goals. PDP ProScan is a consistent topic as they explore behavioral insights related to themselves and others. With the knowledge gained from using PDP, managers learn ways to coach employees more effectively and improve department efficiency.

PDP Representative Support

“Dan has been there since Day 1 and really helped take ProScan to the next level. He’s an amazing coach and business person,” said Ryan. Dan helped facilitate the initial PDP rollout and coaches senior managers of several different locations. He meets with #1 Cochran monthly to help evolve and further implement PDP within the company.

Expanding PDP Capabilities

After the pivotal transition to the next generation was complete, #1 Cochran bolstered their focus on employee development with JobScan®. JobScan enabled them to make validated job models of key roles to determine ideal behavioral fit for the position. Then, employees with a desire to progress into that position could see how closely they suited the role or where to adjust to be a great fit later.

The Results

Lower Turnover Than the Industry Average
Increase in Internal Management Promotions
of Managers and Executives Complete a ProScan® Annually

Eager Attitudes and Self-Awareness

The most common reaction after an employee receives their ProScan results is “Wow, that really does sound like me!” PDP has guided stabilized growth to 1,500 employees and provided considerable self-awareness for many individuals. Often, someone will adjust their mindset once learning about their trait pairs, strengths, and communication tendencies. #1 Cochran appreciates that PDP provides information for someone to be a better person, not just a better employee.

Team Culture Growth Over Time

Before PDP, there was no way for #1 Cochran to measure, track, and develop team culture. Now, after using the PDP system for over five years, there’s enough data available to support trends of how certain areas are shifting. For example, if one location notably grew its productivity over the last year, PDP reports show correlating changes in behavioral makeup. Other locations can use those insights to improve also or identify the unique framework that works best for them.

Integral Part of Operations

The leadership team was so impressed by PDP’s impact during the succession that it has become a core part of their business. All levels of the company from new hires to executives complete a ProScan®. PDP enhances several functions starting with onboarding all the way through to retention based on uncovered behavioral knowledge. Where there was no consistent process before for improving team culture, employee development, or communication, PDP provides an easy and effective method.


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