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PDPworks Features & Updates / Applicant Matches

by Steve Carlson, on Jan 16, 2020 2:24:00 PM

The ability to select multiple applicant reports and upgrade them to other applicant reports such as Candidate Interview and/or Career Path reports is now available. This feature works for single …

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by Steve Carlson, on Nov 4, 2019 3:53:00 PM

Any JobScan applicant report selected can be retrieved as a single report PDF response along with applicant match scores, including: Applicant Reports Applicant Match Candidate Interview Career Path Example of …

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by Steve Carlson, on Feb 5, 2019 3:35:00 PM

Ver. 4.0.9139 The last of the ProScan survey link type to release allows users to set: Job Model Expiration Date or Do not expire Maximum Number of Surveys Language Report, …

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by Steve Carlson, on Feb 5, 2019 3:34:00 PM

Ver. 4.0.9139 The download list feature (.csv) now includes: 1. Applicant Matches Columns: Job Model Name, Job Model Version, Match Score, First Name, Last Name, Survey Date, Title, Email, Report …

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