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How PDP Global Generates Recurring Revenue and Creates Efficiencies and Freedom for Consulting Firms

by Brent W. Hubby, on May 29, 2024 8:18:49 AM

Business consulting firm partners with PDP Global

Business consulting firms offering services such as training programs, leadership development, and other people-centric services to mid- to large-sized organizations can find a great partner in PDP Global. PDP’s people management system easily complements what this type of consulting firm already has in place to bring added value—and revenue—without a large lift. 

Our products seamlessly align with any existing people-focused consulting framework for effortless sales opportunities. Consulting firms can tap into their network of long-existing client relationships without the worry of building new connections to be successful. We help empower you to say goodbye to living out of a suitcase if you’re tired of traveling and being on the road. With PDP, you can hand off daily tasks and processes without losing revenue. It is time to practice what is preached to our clients, "work smarter, not harder!"

PDP Global was founded in 1978 and a portion of our remarkable representatives have continued partnerships from the very beginning. Several of our representatives have been successfully involved for decades. Our established system complements consulting processes, builds residual income, and enables consultants to sell from anywhere. Learn how to elevate your offerings by becoming a PDP Representative.

Earn Residual Income

Once a consulting firm places and implements the PDP system into a client organization, the support is quite minimal (although the occasional touch point and guidance certainly promote client success). The client has what they need to manage the system in-house rather than rely on the consulting firm for daily guidance and execution. That removes a huge burden of administrative tasks from the consultants! Sending out surveys and generating reports don’t ever cross your desk. Then, when the year starts to wrap up, you get the residual income from account renewals. 

Our account renewal rate is over 80%. Typically, once a business experiences PDP, they don’t go back. About 54% of our current customers switched from a competing brand like DiSC or Predictive Index and were astounded by what PDP produces in comparison. During the difficult times of Covid, we had one PDP Representative say, “PDP’s Platinum account renewals saved my business during Covid. Even if the client wasn’t using all of the surveys allocated in the contract, when the end of the year came, they said they couldn’t live without PDP.”

If a consulting firm is looking to generate more income outside of the account renewals, there’s also the possibility of offering facilitation and consulting services to further guide the application of PDP within an organization. It’s common for clients to start in one area (such as making better hires, developing effective leaders, reducing friction, or motivating the workforce) and then branch out. #1 Cochran Auto Group initially started with PDP for succession planning, but when that finished, they continued applying PDP during hiring processes and shaping team culture.

Of course, if PDP Representatives wish to capitalize on selling PDP to new accounts, there’s always that option to expand your clientele to ultimately gain more renewals.

Make Money from Anywhere

Consultants feel one of two ways about traveling: they are either worn out of it after being on the road for so many years or the freedom is a bonus. In either case, you can sell PDP wherever you want to go, whether at home or in a different country.

We operate our business with an open territory license so your business is not limited to a region. Your opportunities are limitless. One representative of ours chooses to focus exclusively on the carwash industry. Whatever your niche may be, you can take it worldwide! Another representative reunited with his family in his home country, and nothing is preventing him from taking an extended trip to spend time with them while also earning income.

The power is in your hands to decide what location you would most enjoy calling your “office.” You are not bound by region and the acceptance of web meetings reduces in-person client servicing (unless you want to).

Easy to Implement

A concern about adding any new revenue stream to your consulting firm is the difficulty of incorporating it into your offerings. We’re happy to say that the PDP People Management System does not replace or compete with your existing people services but rather seamlessly complements to add another layer of value and, in turn, revenue. Here’s how.

No Cold Calls

Arguably one of the most tedious sales tasks is making cold calls, which you won’t have to do if you become a PDP Representative. Just tap into the network of client relationships you’ve already built through your prior work! The trust is already there so you’re not starting from square one. 

Low Overhead

PDP doesn’t require any special start-up equipment or personnel for you to begin selling. You probably already have team members, computers, printers, and an office or training center (which isn’t even necessary if you conduct your business virtually or on client sites). The representative organization types we see with the most success have three roles: a salesperson (who could be the owner or founder), a service person (who could be a trainer), and a person who conducts certifications.

No Inventory Needed

Unlike other potential revenue streams, PDP Global does not tie up your cash flow with large initial inventory purchases. Everything is on-demand so you don’t even have to worry about inventorying materials like certification manuals or seminar workbooks. We either generate and activate them online or print and send the materials on your behalf as needed. That way, you don’t need to isolate capital or maintain a separate space for storing materials.

Works for All Industries

You can be confident that PDP applies to each one of your client's businesses regardless of industry. While your client intimately knows their own business, we help you bring the expertise and value in understanding their people to the table. Human capital and the need to unleash talent extend across all industries. Although PDP is effective for all organizations, we encourage you to target clients with an employee base size of 50 or higher for the best return on investment for becoming a PDP Representative.

Resources and Support

There’s already a robust framework in place to support you in selling PDP to your clients. A range of marketing materials from case studies, PowerPoint decks, automated emails, blogs, articles, social media posts, and more are at the ready. Plus, we hold an annual conference for representatives to share best practices and network.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Let’s discuss numbers from one business to another. As we mentioned above, there are many benefits to becoming a PDP Representative, but how much does it cost to get started?

Low Start-Up Cost

There are a few different avenues to begin a partnership with PDP Global. If you want to first experience the power of PDP internally to your organization before rolling it out to your clients, we would recommend starting as a client, but it isn’t necessary. The advantage of being a client first is that you are ahead of the learning curve. You acquaint yourself with our behavioral assessments and reporting modules (ProScan, JobScan, and TeamScan) first without the pressure of making sales and placing them into your client's hands right off the bat. Then, after some time gaining first-hand knowledge and strategizing how to take the PDP System to your clients, you can upgrade to representative status and receive a credit for a portion of the certification fees.

If the "learn, share, strategize, upgrade" flow is too slow for your needs, there are two investment tiers to enter immediately as a representative based on profit margin: $40,000 for a 70% profit margin on new account sales and certification services, or, a halfway $20,000 tier with a 50% profit margin.

The last model to become a PDP Representative is through associate offices independent of your business. A Primary Licensee (your consulting firm) can add sub-license distributors to their business model structuring them as employees. These “Licensed Associates” support marketing and execution while you remain the Primary Licensee with an overriding profit margin on their new account and certification sales.

Low or Zero Renewal Cost

Unlike other providers, we are more interested in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship with our representatives than capturing license renewal revenue. We simply review the sales for the last 18-month period of your five-year term. If you’re selling and making as much as your original $20,000 or $40,000 investment, it’s a no-charge, zero-cost renewable. The reason is that both parties at that point are in a mutually-beneficial position. It’s not worth it for us to penalize or insist on a certain percentage of the recertification cost like many others do. We want our representatives to keep the partnership going because your success is our success.

Generate More Revenue with PDP Global

Consulting firms looking to elevate their business and earn more money without a heavy lift can find a great partner in PDP. Even if you currently use Predictive Index or DiSC, join the migration to PDP to enhance your client's satisfaction and results! You’ll earn residual income, be able to work from anywhere, implement our system easily into your offerings, and not face off-putting renewal fees.

Moreover, clients extremely appreciate PDP Representatives. You are a catalyst for advancing their organization to new heights and solving serious challenges that have often plagued departments for a long time. The gratification that comes with making a difference for managers, executives, and CEOs is really rewarding.

Are you ready to leverage efficiencies and increase your revenue? We’d love to discuss your consulting goals more in-depth and see if a partnership makes sense. 

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