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by Steve Carlson, on Sep 13, 2019 2:45:00 PM

Ver. 4.0.10640 The ability to select multiple surveys and upgrade them to another report(s) is now available. Prior to this new feature, only one survey at a time could be …

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by Steve Carlson, on Sep 5, 2019 3:48:00 PM

Ver. 4.0.10584 The continual observation and development of the ProScan Survey is important to PDP Global. ProScan’s unique effectiveness in describing the personal dynamics of people is both high quality …

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by Steve Carlson, on Sep 2, 2019 1:14:00 PM

Ver. 4.0.11068 Extensive work has been done to address narrative descriptions from spilling into the header and footer of a report. The lengthiness of a description is a result of …

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