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PDP Survey Link Parameters



PDP Survey Links are a highly configurable multi-use alternative to the single-use ProScan and Applicant ProScan Survey Invitation. The following optional parameters offer additional customization to facilitate your unique workflows. Programmatically include one or all the query parameters to pre-populate select survey landing page fields.

General format<LinkId>?fname=<FirstName>&lname=<LastName>&email=<Email>&title=<Title>&id=<Id>&org=<Org>&returnUrl=<returnUrl>


The LinkId is available on the Survey > Create & Manage Survey Links page in your account.

These are the query string parameters available to send to the SurveyLink landing page that then pre-populate the fields for the respondent:

fname [max length 64]
lname [max length 64]
email [max length 256]
title [max length 256]
id [max length 256]
org [max length 256]
returnUrl [max length 256]


All parameters should be encoded using encodeURIComponent or equivalent.

returnUrl requires activation by PDP Global. Contact your Licensed PDP Global Representative to request activation.