Who Uses PDP?

Organizations large and small, entrepreneurial and mature, with offices in the United States and around the globe depend on PDP for making critical decisions about their people.

Some of Our Clients

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!


“PDP helps us better match the person to the task by identifying and utilizing their inherent talents. We have found that our associates who are naturally inclined to their jobs usually enjoy their work more, are more productive and have greater longevity. It’s a great management tool!”

Chairman of the Board

Vista Host, Inc.


“[It] wasn’t even a thought to cut [PDP], because to keep our people is the least expensive thing we can do.”

Robin Roberts

President, Pikes Peak National Bank


“I learned that besides hiring right, another real benefit to PDP in my region has been a dramatic decrease in stress and profound increase in mutual respect.”

Dave Neal

Penhall Corporation

What’s your experience?

PDP provides you a means of managing people with the same sophistication you manage other corporate assets.

Industry Generic, People Specific

Industries as varied as furniture retailers, manufacturing, banking, and software development have benefited from PDP’s integrated management system. We find that clients know their business, but their challenges occur when working with the people side of their business. PDP has expertise in measuring and identifying the dynamics of people, jobs and teams, no matter what industry is being served.













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Case Study Results

The proof of the PDP management system is in the results. A number of our clients have experienced quantifiable cost and time savings with the implementation of PDP.

Salvaging Key Employees by Improving Morale

  • Overall, the company saved approximately $224,400.
  • Employee Turnover: Reduced by 44 %, resulting approximately in $114,400 savings in salaries and benefit costs.
  • Inventory: The Company has doubled its fleet of luxury motor coaches from 6 to 12 in one year.

Improving Morale, Decreasing Turnover, and Increasing Profitability

  • The overall success of the implementation of our training assisted the company by improving their production by 2 points. This is interpreted as 2% per month of the job closure rate measured to the standard criteria. Financially each point represents $8,000 or $16,000 per month.
  • We have been fortunate to work with Motor Products for 16 months, during which their ROI has increased to $256,000.

Reducing Candidate Interviewing Time by 600%

  • JobScan Job Model provided quick and accurate description of the work styles and behavioral criteria required for the position.
  • Targeted applicant advertising motivated only qualified applicants to attend the open house significantly decreasing the large number of unqualified applicants (From 100 to 50), saving hours of screening effort.
  • Interviewing time was decreased from 1 1/2 hours per candidate to as little as 15 minutes, a reduction in time of 600%.
  • Retention of valuable employees increased significantly as their strengths were valued and their motivating factors were provided.

Lowering Turnover from 33% to 2.8%

  • Turnover was reduced from 33% to 2.8%. Employee retention increased as strengths were valued, motivators recognized and teamwork improved.
  • Dispatcher Job Model profile, targeted advertising and customized interviewing made hiring more effective.
  • Each of the 45 communication action items from the team sessions were addressed, improving morale and a sense of value (i.e. architect hired—redesigned work spaces, key people chosen to do the newsletter, etc.).
  • Individual PDP profiles and TeamScan information was utilized for a more intimate understanding of each other. Conflict between and among the three dispatch shifts decreased as understanding increased.
  • A committee to recognize employee excellence was implemented, further improving morale.

Screening ‘IN’ the Right Candidates, Increasing Tenure by 10%

  • Screening capacity increased by 10% to allow for additional interviews
  • HR Central has streamlined the application tracking process
  • Recruiting staff has been reduced by 3.5 individuals
  • Average employee tenure has increased by 10%, from 450 days to 495 days
  • Supervisors now enjoy interviewing selected candidates who match the job model. They gain greater, more appropriate feedback as they use the questions from the interviewing guide
  • Hiring managers are increasingly confident in the accuracy of their decisions. This has fostered stronger ‘buy in’ to the PDP program.

What’s Your Story?

Some of our clients have experienced such positive organizational and cultural changes that they want to tell their stories.

Location, Location, Location

Reaching and teaching across the globe—PDP is designed for the client organization to have quick, easy and in-house access to critical decision-making data on their people. Designed to have key personnel certified to implement and apply the PDP systems and processes, PDP makes it simple for organizations to access their people database online whenever and wherever they are located . . . or wherever branches/divisions/satellite offices are.

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Cayman Islands
  • China
  • England
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Puerto Rico
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United States
  • Venezuela