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One Collective

We recruit employees and volunteers from across the U.S. and equip them to serve in some of the most difficult places around the world to help the oppressed and underserved.
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Company Overview


Industry: Charitable Non-Profit


Location: USA


Employee Size: 200 (plus volunteers)

Instruments Used







Executive Summary

The PDP ProScan has been an important part of our recruiting process for years. It helps us place people in the right roles on the right teams for success and longevity. Implementing the ProScan Invitation API has streamlined our process, saved our recruiting staff time, and reduced redundant data entry.

The Challenges

Before implementing the ProScan Invitation API, our recruiters would each need to log into to send the survey invitations to candidates. This required entering data from our recruitment management system into and selecting the appropriate reports. Once the candidate completed the report, our recruiter would need to update our recruitment crm system and upload the report.

How PDP Helped

The ProScan Invitation API has been great for our organization! We modified our in-house recruitment management system that tracks a candidate's evaluation and onboarding progress by adding a button. Now, recruiters can seamlessly send survey invitations through the API with a single button press, eliminating the need to re-enter any data. The invitation automatically selects our preferred reports and copies the recruiter.

When the candidate completes their ProScan, not only does the recruiter receive a copy of the report by email, but our recruitment crm system also uploads a copy for our files and marks the step in our process as completed.

The Measurable Results

Using the API has made the PDP process easier, quicker, and free from data entry errors in our recruitment crm system.

  • No need for recruiters to log into
  • Integrated with our recruitment management system
  • Pressing a button sends an invitation to a candidate and copies the recruiter without any additional data entry
  • Completed reports are automatically loaded into our recruiting management system linked to the candidate
  • The recruiter automatically receives an email copy of the ProScan report
More Qualified Applicants
Interviewing Time Reduced from 1.5 hours
Strengths valued and motivators provided

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