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Optimizing the Recruiting and Screening Process to
Increase Tenure by 10%

Within one year, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based international call center has attracted 14,000 potential employees. As part of the online application, each individual completed the PDP survey, providing the Job Model Applicant Report for Job Model matching.

Company Overview


Industry: Call Center | International


Location: Scottsdale, USA


Employee Size: 2,100

Instruments Used





The Situation

This outsource call center is a large, multi-site organization. Its employees provide sales, customer service, and technical support to the customers of numerous Fortune 500 telecommunications companies. During the past year, the company experienced phenomenal growth, adding 4 new sites and increasing the number of employees from 1,200 to 2,100. As success brought in new clients with different objectives, the established recruiting process was no longer optimal. The recruiting staff could not keep up with the demand for skilled employees. The screening and hiring process took too long, new hires did not have the right strengths, and turnover was too high. Supervisors were discouraged by the lack of quality of candidates presented for initial interviews and resisted the frequent interruptions required to conduct interviews.

The Objectives

Although the company had implemented PDP at approximately 800 employees, the company’s escalating growth motivated them to make it central to the hiring process. Leadership asked the Predix/PDP representative to help develop a plan that would:

  • Speed up the screening and hiring process
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps and personnel
  • Facilitate accuracy in hiring decisions
  • Recruit and identify the right people for the right seats
  • Build a large data base of potential candidates

The Implementation

The company took a two-pronged approach to the challenge. With the assistance of the PDP Representative, the company developed job models to describe the ideal candidate for each of their project types (e.g. Customer Service, Inbound Sales, Technical Support). Top performing employees completed individual surveys, and veteran supervisors completed Job Dynamics Analysis (JDA) Surveys to develop a comprehensive job model. These job models were then tested against current employees who were known to be top performers as well as lower-performing employees. In a blind test, the PDP Representative was able to identify the lower-performing employees from the job match score, validating the job models.

The company also developed an online application that linked with a web-based applicant tracking system (HR Central) to reduce application processing time. This online application linked to the PDP survey and made the survey a mandatory element of the application process. The company’s recruiters were then able to screen-in applicants with a 75% or greater match to the job model. This screen-in process brought in applicants for interviews who would not have otherwise been considered based on a resume scan.

The company also integrated targeted interview questions based on the job model profiles into the interview process. These questions were well-received by the interviewing supervisors and bolstered support for the recruiting process.

The Measurable Results

Within the past year, the call center has attracted 14,000 potential employees. As part of the online application, each individual completed the PDP survey, providing the Job Model Applicant Report for Job Model matching. The results have been remarkable:

  • Screening capacity increased by 10% to allow for additional interviews.
  • HR Central has streamlined the application tracking process.
  • Recruiting staff has been reduced by 3.5 individuals.
  • Average employee tenure has increased by 10%, from 450 days to 495 days.
  • Supervisors now enjoy interviewing selected candidates who match the job model. They gain greater, more appropriate feedback as they use the questions from the interviewing guide.
  • Hiring managers are increasingly confident in the accuracy of their decisions. This has fostered stronger ‘buy in’ to the PDP program.
Increase in screening capacity
Increase in Tenure from 450 to 495 days
Reduction in Recruiting Staff

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