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Join the PDP Representative Team

Make a Difference. Grow Your Business. 

Become a PDP Partner!

Become a Change Agent

We are seeking forward-thinking organizations and individuals with expertise in business development, management and leadership.

This is your opportunity to impart knowledge and make a difference in the lives of individuals and organizations.

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Expand Your Capabilities

Provide additional strategic planning services and expertise by educating client users to apply, implement, and administer the PDP Management System.

You will also receive expert guidance on expanding your channel sales through sub-licensing. By bringing on Licensed Associates into your network, you'll scale the impact of the PDP Management System.

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Business Structured Right

We offer an enticing array of benefits that set us apart from other partner programs. Here are a few ways our licensing makes business sense:

  • Residual income
  • Open territory
  • Low start-up cost and overhead
  • No inventory
  • Marketing resources
  • Annual conferences
  • Term = 5 years / Renewals = 5 years
a PDP Representative enjoying business benefits

Create Multiple Streams of Income Potential

As a Primary Licensed Representative, the opportunity to develop and grow your business is accomplished through these two models:


Client Account Sales

Generate revenue with new account sales and user certifications and services. Account plans range from pay-as-you-go to annual contracts with renewals. Target organizations where your expertise and experience dovetail together with the organization's industry and needs.

Licensed Associate (LA) Sales

Leverage like-minded individuals and organizations and recruit them to operate as your sub-licensee with the same independence as you. Target individuals and organizations who commit to selling and training new client organization accounts. 


Your Profit Possibilities 

As a PDP Representative, you will expand opportunities to maximize profits for your business. Here are a few examples of the possibilities:

Consulting Services

  • Executive coaching
  • Speaking engagements—Keynote, annual conference
  • Team building
  • Recruiting
  • More...

New Account Sales

  • Gold—small to medium account sales
  • Platinum—medium to large account sales
  • Enterprise Solution—large account sales

Renewal Sales

  • Platinum renewals—annual or multi-year
  • Enterprise Solution renewals—annual or multi-year

Facilitation Services

  • Certifications
    • PDP Professional Certification (2-day course)
    • ProScan Mentoring Certification (1-day course)
  • Workshops—7 course titles; 2-4 hours in duration

“I have the freedom to build my own business, grow it, and really do what I want to do with it. I recognize the value of maintaining the business my way, while getting 70% commission. My business has been on the web since the beginning and has worked really well. Having the license we do as PDP Representatives and being able to sell anywhere is awesome! The world is your oyster. I can’t work fast enough!”

Lori Coruccini
Primary Representative Since 2004

“PDP's founder, Bruce M. Hubby, told me "Wherever you want to go, whomever you want to work with, PDP will take you there."  And so:  I have done business in every state but Alaska and Hawaii; worked in almost any industry you can name and in almost every discipline and function; been able to find clients in any location where I had good friends or family I wanted to visit or places I wanted to see; worked with leaders of countries, cities, states, municipalities; worked with over 1000 corporations.

Jennifer Munro
Primary Representative Since 1989


“No one has a product like us! In fact, if you use the product as part of your sales approach, you already have a leg up because you have insight into the person to whom you are selling. Now that I have my network, the product sells itself through the referrals I get. Who would not want to take advantage of the residual incomes you get from PDP?”

Joe Dowd (Deceased)
Prototype Representative Since 1978

“Simple, yet so profound. PDP systems are dynamic, providing answers when you need them. The same metrics used to determine top performers are used to motivate, communicate, manage, and build high performance teams.”

Brent W. Hubby
President/CEO, PDP Global

Life is too short to go through the motions missing the fulfillment of your ambitions. Prior to PDP I was searching for a career that would synchronize my heart of making a difference in peoples lives with building a financially responsible lifestyle. With our state-of-the-art online PDPworks business system, certification and learning materials, online eCampus and famed ProScan accuracy, there has never been a better time to join our PDP family. PDP is Life Changing… I can prove it…

Don Crosby
PDP Representative Since 1992

Frequently Asked Questions

What size organizations use PDP?

Organizations from as small as ten individuals to as large as a Fortune 500 use PDP to benefit their staff and make a difference in their workplace. Firms large and small, formalized and decentralized, entrepreneurial and mature have put PDP to work with outstanding results. For best profitability and start-up sales, PDP Corporate recommends targeting organizations with an employee base of 50+.

How does one make money with PDP?

There are two broad categories: 1. by licensing products ( Enterprise, Platinum, or Gold account sales) which generate residual income year after year, and 2. by providing services (training, seminars, and consulting) to small, medium, and large organizations in any industry.

Do I have to have a staff/team?

PDP's most successful offices are those with teams. Sure we have successful one-person offices, but for best focus, utilization of energies and client experience you will want to build a team that consist of a marketing person, a dedicated sales person and a trainer. Don't worry about having that from the start as initial certification training can be conducted by a PDP corporate trainer.

How long do organizations use PDP?

Client relationships are historically long-term with the longest running relationship dating back to 1982. But of course, it all depends on the level of service provided to clients. PDP's products and services continue to be world class in accuracy, usability and measurable results.

Aside from my license fee, what will be my initial capital outlay?

We estimate that you will need $21,500 – $52,500 to launch your PDP business. A specific breakdown is listed on the Investment Summary page of this packet. Initial Fee $20,000 - $40,000, Travel/Lodging Expenses for Representative Certification $1,500 - $2,500, Equipment $0 - $5,000,  Signage $0, Opening Inventory Provided in Investment Package, Advertising Fee $0, and Additional Funds—3 months $0 to $5,000.

If I am experienced in PDP, am I still required to attend the representative certification before launching my business?

Yes, there is no replacement for the extensive education offered during the 4-day representative certification at PDP's corporate training center. Because of the learning curve inherent in PDP concepts and applications, an initial certification in the Certified PDP Professional course is required. After that level of learning, you will then be ready and qualified to attend the full Licensed PDP Representative Certification Course at PDP Corporate.

Have more questions? Let us know:

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