From the beginning, PDP’s founder envisioned:

  • Creating a people management system designed for and used by business organizations—its executives, owners and managers
  • Researching the working, adult population—for they are the next Top Performer within your organization, and
  • Delivering results quickly, reliably and as accurately as possible

Our Mission


Advancing organizational success and personal achievements through an Integrated Management System of precise measurements, people development applications, and customer-oriented services.


Our philosophy of simple, quick, and accurate assessments



Simple, Quick and Accurate

PDP is different. Our foundation is solid, grounded in:

  • Conducting exceptional research with leading behavioral scientists and industry leaders
  • Reporting the manifestation of behavior in straight-forward, jargon-free written descriptions
  • Packaging the measurements and reporting into a system for businesses to access and use


Positive, Strengths-Based

Too often individuals believe that for every strength they have, they also have five weaknesses. PDP disagrees with this notion. PDP reports are written to help people understand their strengths. Why they do what they do. The reporting is positive, describing the strengths of individuality and answering the question of “what makes people tick.”

Teach How to Fish . . .

PDP philosophy follows this familiar proverb. By sharing knowledge and teaching individuals and organizations how to administer, interpret, and apply the system, PDP can be licensed in-house for ease of accessibility and usage.

Quick, Accurate, and Reliable

PDP was founded in 1978 with a single, simple principle: help organizations better understand their people.

  • PDP’s survey instruments were researched and developed by credentialed professionals, research experts, behavioral scientists, and experienced leaders in business and industry.
  • Initial research sample consisted only of working adults—not students. PDP wanted to develop applications to meet the needs of businesses. Student samples are easier to obtain, but PDP was committed to laying the best foundation of research possible.
  • Average completion time of PDP survey instruments is 5-10 minutes, providing users with quick, accurate data to make critical decisions about their people.
  • Survey instruments deliver the highest level of accuracy, greatest amount of depth, and widest scope of information available from any survey instrument on the market today.
  • Survey reporting and graphic results are instantly generated and available via email or through PDP’s easy-to-navigate web application,
  • All PDP products and methodologies meet EEOC requirements, and have never been challenged in court.
  • PDP is unparalleled in accuracy, practicality, fairness, and value. See “Are Workplace Personality Tests Fair?”

By the Numbers

Over 5,000,000 surveys completed to date

Coefficients between .80 and .94 for all factors (.60 is considered standard)

96% of people surveyed since 1977 agree with their survey results

Research Studies & Information

We are proud that PDP is based in scientific research conducted alongside leading behavioral scientists and focused entirely on the working adult population. We have not set out to prove a theory and do not study students to try to understand professionals, instead we go straight to the source – working adults – and develop programs in response to findings. The result is a top notch way of helping businesses understand their people and be more successful.



Stringent Research Parameters

Since the beginning, stringent research parameters have been used so all PDP system results are as accurate as they can be. The industry standard for correlating coefficients is only 60%, but the PDP standard is at minimum 80%. Research is based on stimuli response rather than relying solely upon a self-perception method, helping garner real-world applicable results. A variable norm is used to accurately determine individual strengths in comparison to other strengths rather than to population norms. These standards help us offer a comprehensive and complete assessment that can be used to place employees, help team members work together, and empower managers.

Validation Studies

We also participate in validation studies to help show the continuous applicability of all PDP system results. These studies are designed to measure effectiveness and accuracy as well as ensure that PDP systems are always relevant. Our first study and the original development of the PDP systems may have been in the 1970s, but we strive to ensure that every question applies to how business is done today.

Company History

The founding of PDP came down to answering one question, “How do I understand my people better?” Bruce M. Hubby wanted to take this question, posed to him over and over again from businesspeople, and develop a tool to help leaders better understand the people in their teams and organizations.. Not just any tool, he set out to create the leading assessment instrument for people management in business.

Hubby worked alongside Dr. Samuel R. Houston, a statistician at the University of Northern Colorado and the Chairmen of Applied Science, to create the first iterations of ProScan, JobScan and TeamScan.

The system has evolved and, currently, over 5,000,000 people and thousands of organizations have utilized the integrated hiring, management and development system that is the result of Hubby’s drive and Houston’s research. Businesses of every size have used the system to help people achieve personal growth, higher performance, and better profitability. PDP client organizations include: China Europe International Business School/CEIBS, Cook Communications, Covenant Health, HealthPlanOne, Duke University, Jacaruso Enterprises, Harris Teeter, Henry Schein Inc., Hong Kong University Business School, Security Finance, Skanska, Watsons Personal Care Stores, Tata Power Company and Vista Host, Inc.

Team—PDP Personalities


Brent W. Hubby


Bio—Brent has presided over PDP since 2001, strategizing its further development and growth in services, products, and distribution. He works directly with his Clients in the hospitality, financial and insurance industry, providing guidance and solutions for leadership development, management development, and key-personnel hiring. Brent also works directly with the global expansion of PDP’s Representative business model supporting and strategizing with the Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and Turkey offices.

Prior to being president of PDP, Brent directed the migration of PDP’s proprietary software through three separate platform generations, with the latest being the web application at For an independent and external review of PDP’s proprietary research, he coordinated the validation research and the disparate impact research with the University of Colorado’s center for applied Psychology.

Education—University of Tulsa, B.S. Marketing, B.S. Finance.

ProScan Summary—Convincingly authoritative and action-oriented. A doer and driver to get results that may be somewhat unorthodox. Very competitive and goal directed, usually within an organizational setting. Appreciate a structure, delegate details to others and require accurate results.

Effective in developing people, at the same time very direct and independent. Enjoy social interaction. May come across more strongly than realize.

Kristina Minton

Kristina Minton

PDPworks Customer Liaison

Bio—Kristina provides exceptional customer service to client users. The role of Customer Liaison is to work seamlessly between Client Users and their PDP Representative, keeping each party updated and providing operations training when necessary. Kristina’s background of customer service trainer and management with Bed Bath & Beyond, a retail services organization, compliments her role with PDP. She appreciates and loves the opportunity to support our international customer base.

Education—University of Texas at Arlington. Metropolitan State College of Denver.

ProScan Summary—Outgoing, forcefully persuasive and yet empathetic as a communicator. Team builder with an emphasis on attracting strong people. Are always on the move and ambitious.

Want to participate in a going, growing organization. Able to delegate authority, responsibility and detail. Have the ability to consolidate many ideas; both packaging and representing them well.

It is important for them to have proper recognition and visibility. With a curious and inquisitive mind, continually searches for a better understanding of human nature.


Steve Carlson

Corporate Trainer & Research Director

Bio—Steve coordinates and manages key projects to expand products and resources for both Representative and Client customers. He has extensively researched, compared and documented PDP’s system and products to other competitive tools—a great resource for PDP Representatives. Through the assistance of Representatives, he has obtained wonderful Client stories and results that are used for marketing and his next project—the History of PDP book.

Steve has previously served on the US Olympic Committee, as the Director of Students at Woodmen Valley Chapel where he created the InFuse Leadership Development program for students and led two teams through Europe on leadership-learning adventures, as a DynaPro CDMP where he consults non-profit organizations, as a facilitator for the American Society of Training & Development’s 2008 annual international conference, and at the British American Security Information Council and The State Center for Political Education in Freiburg, Germany.

Education—American University in Washington D.C., M.A. International Affairs

ProScan Summary—A highly structured, cautious, careful and conscientious person. Interested in accuracy and doing what is right. Somewhat given to idealism and very strong on matters of principle.

Persuasive and an articulate communicator. Reflect an unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Desire clear guidelines and thorough training for new situations.

Probably shows a style that is loyal, efficient and even perfectionistic. Recognition and a sense of accomplishment is important. Careful to avoid doing something which might be criticized.

Marianne Paddock

Marianne Paddock

Administrative Assistant

Bio—Marianne is the first point of contact as she answers incoming calls and greets visitors with a warm friendly smile. She supports our worldwide representative and client base with professionalism and enthusiasm. She fulfills training orders with precision, maintains the corporate database, manages supply inventories, and provides hospitality for monthly certification sessions. Combining more than a decade of hospitality sales & customer service experience with her knowledge of global relationship marketing, Marianne is well equipped to significantly contribute to PDP’s objectives and operations.

Education—Earned her Bachelor of Science degree with major in Hotel & Restaurant Management in March of 1992 – University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines

ProScan Summary—Dependable, steady, and efficient. Dedicated to respected programs and people. Sincerely cautious and conscientious, wanting things done well. Able to do repetitive tasks. Likes a consistent routine and making every move count. Can be uncomfortable if placed under too much unjustified pressure or confrontational environments. Friendly and well accepted by others. Prefers a cooperative, peaceful approach. Does not want self or others taken advantage of.

Tim Howard

Tim Howard

Systems Resource Manager

Bio—Tim supports the PDP Representative network with marketing and sales resources and web content management to expand PDP branding. He has developed resources that include the web site for Reps to exchange and keep current on competitor information and creating/managing customized Rep sites that mirror Tim’s background is in the publishing and marketing industries, including Gospel Light Publications, Focus on the Family, and NavPress, has helped him gain a well-rounded experience and an applicable skill-set to be a solid asset for PDP.

Education—Regis University, B.S.B.A., E-Business. Ventura College, A.A., Photography.

ProScan Summary—Very thorough and precise in approach to tasks. Steady, methodical, and efficient. Direct and persistent in maintaining standards and systems which produce results.

May have well-developed technical and/or mechanical abilities, with insight and skills for improvement of operations. Deliberately work with accuracy and follow-through. May delegate details to others only after processes are in place.

May choose to work alone, and will prefer to interact with close friends and associates.

Lesli A. Hubby

Lesli A. Hubby

Accounting Services

Bio—Lesli handles the daily accounting services for PDP, including accounts payable and receivables. Lesli’s background of paralegal services and front office manager, provides the skills and knowledge to keep PDP on-track and fiscally sound.

Education—University of Oklahoma, B.S. Political Science, Minor in Business. VTI Institute for Paralegal Studies.

ProScan Summary—Articulate, outgoing and persuasive. Keenly interested in quickly implementing what is right or fair for people. Inclined toward altruism and an unselfish consideration of others. Matters of principle are very important to you.

Skillful with detail and systems-oriented. A responsible and caring communicator.

Bonnie D. Bass, Ed.D.

Bonnie D. Bass, Ed.D.

Research and Development (Emeritus)

Bio—Bonnie oversees and protects the philosophy and expansion of PDP programs, reporting, and research. Her passion for keeping up-to-date with trends, terminology and research findings drives her to ensure PDP’s positive, sound, trait-based system continues to be quick, accurate and reliable for today’s organization leaders and associates.

Education—University of San Francisco, Doctorate in psychology, with special emphasis in personality and behavioral factors.

ProScan Summary—Exciting, enthusiastic and a persuasive influencer. Probably interested in big picture programs that have a lot of opportunity. Devote the most time and energy to services and products that are people related. Prefer to have others involved in decisions about technical matters. Usually dislike rules and regulations and enjoy great freedom of choice. Use empathy and enthusiasm to accomplish goals.