The Research Behind PDP’s ProScan®

Our unparalleled research and continual improvement ensure the highest degree of accuracy and impact for businesses.



Accuracy Since 1977


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The Most Accurate Behavioral Assessment on the Market

Founded on Empirical Data

Originally designed by an interdisciplinary team of academics and business professionals, the first versions of PDP behavioral assessments were based on large samples of thousands of working adults (as opposed to undergraduate students).

Dedicated to Performance:

Recently, we’ve achieved 11 exploratory factor analyses (EFA) and 3 confirmatory factor analyses (CFA). CFA is the gold standard of statistical evaluation that is an even more rigorous test than EFA, and it’s rare to have more than one—if that.

Effective for Businesses:

Studies confirm that ProScan consistently measures what it claims to measure (high validity and reliability). ProScan predicts future job success and doesn’t discriminate against protected classes, making it appropriate for business use.

Follows Procedures and Regulations Set Forth by:

Research Studies Completed Independently by:
Department of Applied Statistics and Research Methods University
of Northern Colorado
Center for Applied Psychology University of Colorado at Denver
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