A Smart Investment in Your People

The proven people management system that inspires your culture and ignites productivity.

PDP Global produces measurable, bottom-line results—supporting organizations in bringing out the best in people at every level—from the executive team to line staff.



How Organizations Use PDP:

92% Hiring

73% Managing

52% Team Building

45% Communicating


A non-threatening, quick, easy, and reliable survey that provides the answers to why individuals love some tasks but hit the wall on others. When individuals have self-awareness about their strengths and limitations, and management aligns strengths to tasks, everyone is happier and performs at their best.


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Side-by-Side ProScan Reports:


An objective, easily understood behavioral benchmarking and applicant matching solution that takes the risk out of hiring. Increase your hiring success by attracting the right applicants with the right traits and skills, which provides a long-lasting framework to decrease turnover and increase job satisfaction.




An insightful, in-depth report that allows organizations to accurately measure and define company culture. TeamScan applies to any department, division, or group aspiring to increase performance. By understanding their dynamics, they’ll build stronger bonds, resolve conflict, and strengthen interpersonal appreciation..



PDP Certifications for In-House Management.

Empower yourself and your organization! Learn how to apply PDP processes and surveys in-house to maximize usage and results!

PDP-Professional PDP-ProScan-mentor PDP-ProScan_manager PDP-Hiring_manager PDP-Survey_sender

PDP PowerApp Workshops.

Each targeted course is a power application in understanding the dynamics of human behavior. Courses contain engaging interaction, learning exercises, and action steps that empower participants to realize immediate application and benefit. Sessions can be attended in classroom style or online eLearning.

Understanding Personal Strengths: Understand your own natural behavioral traits, decision-making style, and energy level. (Online eLearning).

Developing Effective Communication Skills: Develop quality working relationships through improved communication skills.

Strengthening Leadership Performance—Develop effective leadership skills through personal evaluation and group process.

Breakthrough Strategies for Sales Performance: Gain self-awareness and customer awareness, and overcome triggers that hinder sales.

Attracting and Hiring the Best: Create accurate job models for attracting, interviewing, and hiring the best candidate.

Building High Performance Teams: Assess team environment, identity, and purpose, while fostering mutual respect.

Improving Management Results with QuickView: Understand what makes people TICK: their Traits, Interests, Communication Styles, & Key Action Tips.

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