The Business of Being a PDP Representative

Primary_Rep_Information-3As a Primary Licensee Representative, the opportunity to develop and grow your business is accomplished through these three markets:

  1. Client—a business or organization that is certified and licensed to use the PDP system.
  2. Licensed Associate (LA)—an individual or organization that operates as a sub-licensee of Primary Licensee and is committed to selling and training for PDP market expansion of Client system sales.

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Multiple Streams of Income Potential

Client System Sales—Each time you sell a PDP client, you earn:


of Initial Training—Certified PDP Professional (2-day course) and Certified ProScan Mentor (1-day course)


of PDPworks product sales (excluding maintenance fee)—residual income


on PowerApp facilitation services, totaling: e.g. $5,000-$25,000+ per sale


of consulting services—JobModeling, One-on-one coaching (e.g. $5,000-$10,000+)

Licensed Associate (LA) Sales

—With an LA being a sub-licensee of your Primary License, you have an obligation to support your LA while earning:

70% of $7,500 ($10,000 International) initial LA investment fee for signing on LA

30% on each LA Client System Sale—initial certification

30% of PDPworks product purchases—residual income

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