Bad Hires Are Costly 
Minimize the risks by matching the right candidate to the right job.

Between disruptions to incomplete projects and lost customers, a bad hire can have a ripple effect throughout your organization.

Without the key insights to make better hiring decisions, you're increasing your risk of hiring the wrong candidate. Over time, you're contributing to the erosion of your employer brand.

How do you match the right candidate for the job?


The Science of Job Matching

How it Works:

The process of making better hiring decisions starts with the PDP ProScan, powerful assessment tool that identifies the behaviors, motivators and energy levels of individuals. 

1. Identify the profiles of the top performers 

With a quick, 5 minute survey of successful employees, you get a detailed ProScan report that provides key insight on what to look for in screening candidates.

2. Attract quality candidates 

Motivate candidates to respond to job postings when you select key words from the "How to Advertise" list. You also get a set of applicant specific behavioral interview questions, with the option to add your organization's custom interview questions. 

3. Screen candidates efficiently and effectively

By matching behavioral profiles of candidates, you are able to make the best use of time for interviews. 



Discover a Better Way to Attract and Hire Rockstars 

"The results of the PDP solution implemented by my PDP Representative surpassed our initial expectations. We have been able to tap into new labor markets and realize greater recruiting success in a period of very aggressive growth. We look forward to expanding the role PDP plays in our organization beyond recruiting. If you hire with any sort of regularity, you need this tool."

-HR Manager


Why Recruiters Trust the PDP System

We combine the products, services, and insight to enable your success

  1. A global network of certified representatives.
  2. Over 2700 PDP clients served.
  3. 96% accuracy of behavioral assessments.