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# 27 - Leveraging PDPworks 4.0 - Scenario 2

by Steve Carlson, on Sep 12, 2017 4:46:38 PM

We are continuing a series of blog posts where we demonstrate how you can begin leveraging some of the new features of PDPworks 4.0 to benefit your organization. The following example will use the new Folder feature along with the QuickView report, the Personal Strengths Report, the STRENGTHS eLearning course, and the MANAGE eLearning or Instructor led course.

Scenario 2

Consider for a moment that you are introducing PDP solutions to a division within your organization that has never used ProScan before. You are doing this because there is a considerable urgency to change direction within this division due to a lack of productivity and constant strife erupting between division managers and their direct reports. Your goals are to jumpstart the managers’ understanding of the strengths of each employee and to teach them how to capitalize on those strengths for the benefit of everyone. While you want each employee to receive the maximum benefit from the full Personal Dynamics Report, you also know that, in the short term, you do not have the time to provide each employee a full ProScan Feedback. What do you do?


  • Using PDPwork 4.0,  immediately send ProScan invitations to each of the employees and managers. In the optional message area,  emphasize that the ProScan is a survey and not a test and that the intention is NOT to look for weakness, but instead to identify and enhance individual strengths!
  • Once each supervisor has completed the ProScan survey,  either enroll them in the MANAGE PowerApp eLearning Course or in a 1/2 day instructor-led MANGER PowerApp workshop. Either way, this course will instruct managers in the appropriate use the QuickView report to better manage their employees. After this course, they can immediately begin to use their new management insights and practice their skills in using the QuickView.
  • Require each manager to immediately provide you with the individual action steps they determined for each employee and, later, the level of success they achieved from those actions steps in 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • While the supervisors are completing the MANAGER PowerApp course, deliver to each employee their own Personal Strengths Report and have them complete Strengths eLearning course on PDP eCampus. After this eCourse they will better understand the strengths inherent in their Basic/Natural Self and will have written how they will use their strengths in the present situation.
  • Arrange with PDP Global to learn how to automatically email each employee’s Personal Action Plan directly to their managers through the Strengths eLearning course.
  • Having jump-started the process of improving the overall health of the division, you can now schedule over the long-term a consultation with each of employee about their full ProScan report and walk them through their stress, energy drain, satisfaction, motivators, etc.

This is just one scenario illustrating the many possibilities available to you in PDPworks 4.0!

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